I think I’ve found some balance.

This week got away from me. Not in a “things didn’t get done” sort of way, but in a “I’ve been busy and how is it Thursday already” way. Things are progressing about as I planned. Maybe a little better. That’s always a good sign.

I’ve been thinking about my protagonist in my novel a lot. I like her and her slightly broken but still functional way. Her ability to manipulate time has some serious drawbacks. Black outs and vomiting tend to hamper one’s ability to fight. Plus the sheer disorientation of the process is fun to write.

Part of me wonders if I did enough to even out this cool little power set she has. Is it believable enough that people won’t call me on having a perfect, overpowered character. Yes, sure, she can do things, but doing those things has consequences. Like The Doctor crossing his own timeline. (“Only for cheap parlor tricks.”) I guess I’m just second guessing my subconscious at this point. I should stop doing that.

It’s probably the years I spent gaming. Characters need to be believable, their powers not broken, or the game isn’t fun. Neither is dying of course, but there needs to be some semblance of challenge or I lose interest. I’m hoping to achieve balance with her powers and move from there.

The other characters are fleshing out nicely. I like my new detective, though the old one is throwing a hissy fit. A large one. Character development for the win.

Also, I’ve decided that everyone needs a tech-savvy elf to assist them with danger and strange things. If someone could make this happen I’ll give them a cookie. A good cookie. No, really, I’ll even bake said cookie, and possibly other ones as well. It will be fun.


One Response to “I think I’ve found some balance.”

  1. blueghoul Says:

    Heh, that all sounds rather interesting. The character, that mention of vomiting and blackouts, gaming, time manipulating…That all sounds like such fun. Best of luck with the story!

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