Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean things stop happening.

Sunday again. If I’m to be honest with myself, I didn’t get near enough done this week. But, I did work a few shifts at the day job, including a wicked eight hour one yesterday.

I felt drained when I got done on register. Mentally and physically exhausted, and we still had clean-up to do. I now understand the ability to come back from that sort of decimation as I so often have my characters achieve. The plodding determination of a woman set on getting home and getting to have a  proper rest.

The update from this week mean to keep my honest. I got a bit more editing done, planned out the short stories for the collection I’m putting together. I’m almost to 40k on the novel. About 150 words short, which will take no time at all. I got a couple of applications done and found some more places to apply. I’m in the process of weighing my need for money over my desire for time to write.

I told my boyfriend last night that I want a day job that gives me time to write. I meant it. I’m at my happiest transforming random ideas into something coherent. If I’ve learned anything from life it’s that you should pursue what makes you happy.


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