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It’s strange to think that it’s been half a year since I posted anything, but then, at the same time, it makes perfect sense. I’m that person that doesn’t like to attract attention to myself. I don’t want people looking in my direction, even when I’d much prefer to have some sort of accolade or the promise of something better.  Because, really, that’s what I want. Something better.

And, to an extent things have improved. We have a new store manager at work. He’s turned the store around and made my job better, even if there are aspects I do hate. He gives me a certain level of freedom to do what I want, to make choices, to see how far I can run with certain things. Eventually, he’ll give me what I want and let me rip the whole department apart and put it back together in a more thorough way than I tend to manage. That would make me happy, until I think about the fact that I’m content and happy in an awkward middle management job where I’ll likely never get ahead because I didn’t take my chance when I had it. Either of them. Out of fear maybe, or perhaps it’s because I have more time for my true love where I am. I get more writing done now than I would if I took a salaried position.

I’ve made progress on the writing front. I self published the first two novels in my series on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (The links for Awakening are: and The links for Lost in the Woods are: and I published a short story collection that I had kicking around forever. I’ve written so many things in between, now I just need to polish them, send them out, and see where that gets me. Hopefully published and paid. I’d like that, but constructive criticism would also be a thing. It will help me make progress in a generally forward direction.

There’s another idea I have floating around my mind. It’s a thing, a small thing, well, probably more like a large thing. I’m thinking about a bakery/tea shop. I’ve got a name, a theme inside my mind. I’m in a waiting pattern, not willing to act on it until it’s been floating around my head for six months and still seems like a good idea. Then I’ll buckle down, do the research and see if it’s even plausible. At the very least, it will give me something to play with later on, and if it does play out, that will be amazing and fantastic. I’d love to have something that was mine, just mine, not dictated to  by anyone. I need to take a risk somewhere and this seems like one that might pay off.


A public service announcement of sorts.

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I’m not sure where to begin. The last couple weeks have been a bumpy ride, almost like someone forgot to post a warning. Something along the lines of “Some days it’s just easier to go to jail and pay your fine.” That’s how I operate in Skyrim most the time. I just pay the fine and move on with my day. Not that I’ve done anything in real life to warrant fine paying, so that just leaves me with this dull ache in my head and an overbearing desire to tell a lot of people to fuck off.

Deep down, I think I understand what the problem is. I’m working in the living room. And while I’m glad my boyfriend is letting me use his desktop, there’s still that sense of it not being my computer or my space. I’m floundering creatively, trying my hardest to make it work when what I really need is a new laptop and to get back into the office. I miss my space, my creative haven.

All right, I really need to put a few things down. Things that might eventually get me into trouble, but if I don’t they’ll fester inside and make the next incident worse. If nothing else, I’m excellent at internalizing anguish. Also, this is a note to the rest of the world…

There are a lot of people who work very hard to put merchandise on the floors at all the stores you like to shop at. Sometimes those people are also in charge of signing, pricing and running around to take care of customers. Often, they don’t have enough hours to do all the things they’re supposed to get done because someone up the corporate ladder at their company has decided that the job can be done in a quarter of the time it actually takes to do it correctly.

That being said, sometimes mistakes are made. But, for the love of God, try to be nice to the person. They might snap at you. They might overreact, their minds shuddering at thought of dealing with the fifth difficult customer in a row. It might not be intentional. They might be having a horrible day, and what you do next might actually have the power to make their day better. Retail is one of the hardest jobs to do. It’s just below food service. I’ve worked both, and the continuous flood of entitled expectation is enough to make you want to go on a murderous rampage some days. Those twenty-something “kids” working the register, they’re putting themselves through college. Some of us are there because the jobs we were promised by our professors and government aren’t within our financial means to move to.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t assume someone’s an invalid or beneath you because they’re working a minimum wage job. Odds are they’re working toward something else, something larger and more amazing that you’d ever guess by looking at them. And, while  I can’t speak for the rest of my retail brethren, I’ll do my best to be patient with you. Some days, I just need someone to meet me halfway.

Okay, PSA over, and you know what? I feel a lot better. Maybe today won’t suck as much. I’m putting my faith in you Friday, don’t disappoint me.