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It’s strange to think that it’s been half a year since I posted anything, but then, at the same time, it makes perfect sense. I’m that person that doesn’t like to attract attention to myself. I don’t want people looking in my direction, even when I’d much prefer to have some sort of accolade or the promise of something better.  Because, really, that’s what I want. Something better.

And, to an extent things have improved. We have a new store manager at work. He’s turned the store around and made my job better, even if there are aspects I do hate. He gives me a certain level of freedom to do what I want, to make choices, to see how far I can run with certain things. Eventually, he’ll give me what I want and let me rip the whole department apart and put it back together in a more thorough way than I tend to manage. That would make me happy, until I think about the fact that I’m content and happy in an awkward middle management job where I’ll likely never get ahead because I didn’t take my chance when I had it. Either of them. Out of fear maybe, or perhaps it’s because I have more time for my true love where I am. I get more writing done now than I would if I took a salaried position.

I’ve made progress on the writing front. I self published the first two novels in my series on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. (The links for Awakening are: and The links for Lost in the Woods are: and I published a short story collection that I had kicking around forever. I’ve written so many things in between, now I just need to polish them, send them out, and see where that gets me. Hopefully published and paid. I’d like that, but constructive criticism would also be a thing. It will help me make progress in a generally forward direction.

There’s another idea I have floating around my mind. It’s a thing, a small thing, well, probably more like a large thing. I’m thinking about a bakery/tea shop. I’ve got a name, a theme inside my mind. I’m in a waiting pattern, not willing to act on it until it’s been floating around my head for six months and still seems like a good idea. Then I’ll buckle down, do the research and see if it’s even plausible. At the very least, it will give me something to play with later on, and if it does play out, that will be amazing and fantastic. I’d love to have something that was mine, just mine, not dictated to  by anyone. I need to take a risk somewhere and this seems like one that might pay off.


Sometimes we just need a couple days to regroup.

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I’m sure I did’t mention it here. I finished writing the zero draft for the third novel. Exciting stuff there. I took a short hiatus, also known as “put my brain and emotional status back together into some sort of jumble resembling a working mind.” During that time, I might have played Dragon Age II a little heavier than I would have otherwise.

And then I beat it. In one of the many millions ways that it might have ended. For the record, I’m a sap. I believe in fighting for the underdog, stopping those who might use or abuse power. And a certain Knight-Commander annoyed the shit out of me from the beginning. I might have sided with the mages. Or I did, because that’s pretty much how I roll. Yeah. Fighting for the little guy.

So, now I need to get back into writing mode. I started working on my next project yesterday morning. I already ripped the novel apart into the cases. I’ve changed the character dynamic. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes, especially after taking out some of the useless crap. It was going to be a trunk novel. It was going to be something I never did anything with, but a thought wormed its way into my head and now I want to do something with it. And by something I mean treat every case as it’s own short story connected by the common thread of characters where consequences carry over, among other things.

It seems like a good idea. No idea how it’s going to pan out, but we’ll see. That’s pretty much how it is with every project. Not sure how it’s going to pan out. The end product is always difference from what I expect, even when I actually manage to adhere to my own outlines.

I’m really bad at remembering to post to my blog.

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Been a while. The gaps between posts have been getting longer. Something I need to remedy. While it may not seem important and I rarely have anything deep to say, the exercise of putting my thoughts down is good. And these are my thoughts, not a character’s thoughts, or finely crafted plot. I think that’s an important difference.

So, you may be wondering what I’ve been up to, or you may not really care. If you do, well, I’ve been working, a lot. Almost too much, but that’s neither here nor there. And, I’ve been writing. I cracked 40k on the novel I’m working on (finally). It feels pretty good. I’ve got some more time to write today before I head into work, and a whole three days off this week which will be used to do a mixture of cleaning, writing and playing video games.

The other big thing that happened, I wrote the first script for a collaborative side project between my friend Liz and myself. We’ve been known to come up with some pretty wild ideas and bounce around some hypothetical situations. I wanted to write out what might happen if we actually went through with it all. We need to chat about what to do with it after it’s done. I’m leaning toward the internet (maybe my boyfriend can make us a quick site). Then, we’re off and running.

I’ve got some other plans/ideas swirling around my head. First though, I need to finish the rough draft of this novel. Then it’s off to work on the other things. My goal for 2012 is to sell at least five stories to magazines and figure out my publishing situation. It might be a lofty goal, but I’m up for the challenge.

I’m pretty sure I’m not dead. I know I’m not on fire.

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What the hell is today? Wednesday? I guess that sounds right. After all, I’ve been doing something (day job, social engagement, or both) every day for a week. It doesn’t look to let up until this weekend.

I’m not complaining, only that I am a little. Computer time has been scarce. Writing time, well, I need to start making some more. Or making better use of the time I have. I did (finally) get the damned short story  I was tweaking straightened out. It only took a week, but the damn thing flows and might actually live up to the title now.

Next on the docket, er post-it note, another short story. I’m trying to decide if I want to drop the strung together project right now and go work on a couple competition pieces, or just get the project strung together then work on the competition pieces. Probably that second one since I have no idea what I’m going to write for the competition pieces and I know what I want to do with this project.

Right. So. Onward in a generally forward direction with fewer distractions. Maybe.

We’re supposed to be signing up for Planet Fitness today. Then I need something to workout in that my boyfriend will actually let me leave the house in. He’s not fond of the shorts I want to wear. Actually, he’s very fond of them, just not when I wear them in front of other people. So, that’s exciting, actually going to the gym will be the other thing, but if plot issues line up with gym hours, well that will help with the motivation to go because then I can go work out my aggression and have that happy little plot breakthrough we all want to have.

The I need to post more often post.

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I was doing so well for a while. Posting almost every day, sometimes there was even content other people might care about and not just me talking to myself. Which, I do like doing a little too much. I’m beginning to believe it’s a writer thing, or maybe just hoping it’s not a crazy thing. I’m pretty sure it’s not a crazy thing. I don’t hallucinate and I limit my drug intake to painkillers, caffeine and, on occasion, ethanol.

So, writer thing. Okay. Awesome. I like this plan.

Speaking of plans. I finished the novel the other day. I waded through the mires of post novel mental goo by playing a lot of Bioshock 2 and have come out the other side ready to create something new.

Step one, kill the fruit fly that decided to make my desk is base of operations. It is starting to annoy me more than I thought a small fly could. There’s dead fruit in the kitchen. Go that way. Leave me alone!

Step two, once I’ve cleaned the speck of blood off my hand, is to flesh out one of the short stories I edited earlier. It needs more. The ending was rushed. It’ll be fixed.

From there, continue my not quite so fruitful job search. Work on the bazillion other projects I want to get done and find something to put on the wall on the other side of the room. I turn around a lot and I want something to look at other than the green wall. Not that the paint color isn’t awesome. I like the color. I should. I picked it. But, I like to look at bright, creative things while I’m working. Or, at least something to break the monotony.

The other thing I’ve been working on is cleaning the office up. In the process I hung some plot maps up for stories that need to be finished. I had a finishing problem a few years back. I started all sorts of projects an never finished them. They’re good ideas, solid beginnings that need more with them to make them shine. Stories that need homes. That might be a good title for a short story collection. I’m keeping it. It’s mine.

I Need a Day off Once in a While

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I took yesterday as a day off. Mostly to recover from my work shift on Thursday. I felt like I got hit by a truck. A large truck. With a detached muffler.

I found muscles I forgot about. It’s not the best feeling in the world when everything decides to hurt all at once for the entire day. Not sharp dreadful pain, but the low dull ache of muscles that don’t  see a lot of use. I should see to that. Much like I should see to finishing the painting of my office.

So, yesterday, I played around on for four hours. I managed to follow part of my Great-grandfather on my dad’s father’s side back to England. I’m thinking an hour today. I want to follow another trail for a while. It’s exciting for me to see just where I came from. I always had some idea, but I didn’t know that side of my family was in Connecticut before moving to the southern tier of New York. I know my Mom’s family came over in the 1900’s.

When I get done with that, I need to do some research for a secret project I’m working on with a friend. Then some more work on the current novel. I’m super excited about the novel. The thought of playing with zombies makes me happy.


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I caulked the windows in the office this morning. I’ve never caulked anything before. At least, not that I remember. The whole experience was… special. Yeah, that sounds good.

I think I might have started with a bit too much caulk. When I smoothed it out, I collected massive amounts of the caulk. But, it looks all right, and all the cracks around the windows are filled. So, maybe that’ll cut down on the drafts back there.

All that’s left is moving my stuff and painting. Not necessarily in that order. I have until May 23 to move the stuff I’m keeping and get rid of the stuff I’m not. I know this might not seem like a lot of time, but it really is. So much can happen in six days.