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The random musings of a girl who’s starting to feel her age.

Posted in Nerd things, writing with tags , , on December 13, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I remember not that long ago when 28 seemed like an eternity away. It was strange and exotic, that section of the late twenties where you’re still young enough to party with the college kids, but old enough to feel every bad decision you make the next morning. In a lot of ways the last two months feels like that, the waking up sore for no good reason and finding random bruises but not quite remembering where they came from.

And, I wish I could say they were from something awesome. I wish I could say I did things like so many other writers do. I don’t run, let alone five miles. I think I would die if I tried. Oh, I could work up to it, eventually. But it’s that process that would leave me aching and I  might not see it through.

Not that I don’t go to the gym. In fact, we’re going this morning and I will ride the stationary bike for a bit, then walk on the treadmill at approximately the same pace I walk everywhere at my day job. Then I’ll shower and go to said day job.

Now I’m beginning to understand what the problem is. I create these fantastic worlds and scenarios for my characters. My life, while full of quirks, oddities, and mistakes, is still mundane. Mundane. I don’t like that word. It takes the magic out of things, and there is magic in the world whether we can use it or not. Some of our science is like magic, bordering on the edges of incomprehensible, but someone, somewhere still understands how it works. Magic, that’s another beast.

You can use magic. You can write spells and brew potions, but that doesn’t mean you understand why things work. You can think you understand, but the reality is often far different than that.

Which is why we escape to worlds where anything is possible. Where monsters exist and good people do their best to save us. That’s why we play characters in games and chase after some semblance of glory. We want to break down the mundane walls that surround our lives and fill them with something more. It’s also why we idolize people we think lead interesting lives, even if we’re completely wrong about how exciting and wonderful it is to have attention and opportunity.

Maybe I’m just feeling old, like I’ve spent too long at the party. My new characters are starting to have ages younger than my own. Adventuring is a younger person’s game. It’s horrible, painful, and really no way to make a name for yourself, at least not a safe way. You know what? I’ll stick to writing the adventures. It seems safer and if I can make it through the next few weeks, I’ll have a bit more time to work some magic of my own.


I need to work on how much I can get done in half an hour.

Posted in Nerd things with tags , , , on October 25, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Half an hour before I run off into the world again, this time to the bank and to get The Boy from class. A lot can happen in half an hour. Hell, a lot can happen in twelve minutes. Ask The Doctor. Entire lifetimes happen in less time than that, so half an hour should be plenty of time to get  something done. Like a blog post.

So, Tuesday, also known as interview day this week. And, maybe also I did too much at the gym day. Though, I’m okay with feeling the workout in my abs. I’m also okay with the scale going down, which it has, finally. I’m not so okay with my legs hurting as much as they do. It’s not like I won’t have to up things to keep the effectiveness going later.

Game went well enough last night. I do need to come up with an end point, but I also wanted both fighters to be there so I can throw something larger at the players. It’s a thing that needs to be worked on. I have a few ideas and have a couple of weeks to play with them since next week is Halloween and we won’t be running game then. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet, but I’m sure it will be adventurous. Well, it might not be. I suppose work wouldn’t be adventurous. It could be. Surely.

All right. My half hour is up. Time to get some stuff done.

It may be Monday, but I have everything under control.

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I got a phone call last night for a job interview. It’s tomorrow evening. I’m optimistic, mostly because I don’t know any other way to be at this point. Plus, the woman who set up the interview has a pleasant voice which just sort of adds to the optimism.

That optimism is going to carry me through my list of things that need to get done today. First is getting encounters ready for my D&D campaign. They’re in an underground complex right now, battling their way through legions of undead and monsters to be determined in about twenty minutes. There are rumors of what lies in the tunnels. Whether I decide to include those rumors is something else entirely. I need to figure out what comes after they get out of the dungeon. Though, I am starting to get a few ideas about that.

Once the planning and evil machinations are done, then it’s onward to the writing portion of my day. I thought I had written myself into a hole with my current WIP with the missing suspect and the death of a witness and having no idea how to find the suspect or her vampiric keeper. Last night the pompous bastard that is the antagonist handed my heroine the way to find him. It’s going to be ugly and most likely painful, but any plan that involves interrogating an ex-lover is.

I’m feeling energized and excited about my projects again. It’s amazing what good news does for your mental state.

Obligatory Comic Con Swag post a.k.a. My boyfriend is awesome.

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I know, I know, two posts in one day so close to each other, but someone wanted me to write an account of the swag he brought back for me and I felt like it didn’t belong in the other post. So, added to the reasons why I love my boyfriend are that he got numerous pieces of artwork signed to me and brought back new TPBs to read. (Also, he might have picked up a web design job while at the con. Details are pending.)

There’s the Batwoman Issue 0 that he got for me, signed by Amy Reeder. It needs to find a protective home soon. There’s a DVD cover signed by Jewel Staite made out to both of us. He tracked down Eddie McClintock (Pete on Warehouse 13) and got the best message ever and a signature. It says “4 Rachel! I miss you…” Yep, my boyfriend is amazing. I might have emitted a fangirl squee when I saw the picture. And by might have, I mean I did.

For prints, he bought a lot of them. I know there’s a Batwoman one signed to me and a Warlords of Mars cover. There are a few Zantanna prints. I sort of want to swipe one of the Doctor Who ones (there’s one that’s just Tennant, or the illustration version of him, that I wouldn’t mind having in my office forever.) We’re going to get some frames eventually and rotate them every couple of months to preserve the coloration and the ink since I’m of the view that if we have cool things we should show them off.

My thoughts on the new DC.

Posted in Nerd things, writing with tags , , , , , , on September 29, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I’ve been thinking about the DC reboot a lot, partly because it’s hard to avoid the blog posts and all right now. I was talking it over with my boyfriend the other day, just to get some things off my chest. But, I think it warrants a blog post because I have a few things I really want to say.

First, Starfire being vapid and sex crazed… I’ve been thinking about this and have decided that she’s a freshman in college, just away from her parents and wants to try out a few new personas on her way. Sure, it’s dangerous and she’s probably going to get hurt (physically and emotionally), but she’ll pretend she doesn’t care so she can fit in. I’ve lived in college towns my entire adult life. I’ve seen it happen.

My second theory, she’s been infected with some alien venereal disease that requires her to have as much sex as possible to spread amongst the masses. It’s altered her brain chemistry just enough for her to think it’s a good idea.

Catwoman? I don’t know. I need to see what comes next to know if the sex is gratuitous or if it serves the larger story. Not that I’m sure there’s a larger story because the writing is a bit insipid. Which is to say, I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t buy the book, but read part of it while standing next to the new comic wall last week. Yes, I’m that person. I got my fingerprints all over someone else’s comic. I find myself not caring.

All right, got the big pieces out of the way. Right. So far, I’ve enjoyed Green Arrow as I said before. I’ll keep getting that. I’ll keep getting Batwoman too, and Birds of Prey. I loved the shout out to Montoya in Batwoman. (Speaking of, where is Question? I haven’t seen her, or him if they decide to go back. Either way, I enjoy the character.) And, Dinah is one of my favorite characters. To see that she’s been treated well (s0 far) makes me happy.

I don’t ask for much. I want strong characters that I can relate to, male or female. And, by the way, I don’t mean nothing ever gets them down, I mean strength of conviction or ideal. I hope I write characters that come off that way. Shit happens (on a regular basis depending on where you live) and it’s how a character deals with it that shows the type of person they are. A character doesn’t need breasts to be relatable to me. They need to stick to their ideals and, if they’re a hero, it means acting like one. They need to take the shitty stuff life throws their way in stride and continue to be good people, because aliens are people too. Or, at least, they’re being written by people. I suppose that might be a distinction worth making.

Confessions and Comics, I really am strange and complex.

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I found this weird productive streak in the last two days. It’s strange and eerie but I’m going to take it. On top of finishing revisions yesterday, I nailed the beginning of a short story I’m sending out to competition and roughed out the beginning of one for a personal collection I’m working on. One took place away from the computer in my journal because I really do want to fill it with amazing things before I get my new one in October.

I’m just going to toss this out there. I hate writing resumes. There’s something fake about distilling my experiences onto one to two sheets of paper and coming up with the best bits. I feel like I’m trying too hard to find the right words and not enough time showing them what I can do. Which is fantastic because I claim to have good communication skills. Though, I suppose if you can captivate a group of eighth graders for eighty minutes then you have to be good at some version of storytelling. High school students are a little more forgiving, but only just a fraction. At least in my experience.

Another thing I’m going to toss out there, I’m sort of okay with the reset on Green Arrow. I get two comics a month. Green Arrow and Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris. Green Arrow because I have a thing for superheroes without powers and always found Ollie to be a little less pretentious than Bruce Wayne. Dejah Thoris because Heinlein mentioned the stories in his books and when I saw the comic on the list I wanted to get it. Which amuses my boyfriend because our comic shop likes to give me the “but her nipples are covered so it’s okay” covers.

I still need to do my writing for the night, but I have a decent amount of energy still. This is surprising since today was the first day we went to the gym. Exercise bike for half an hour and I’m feeling it in my thighs and butt. I’m good with that. Maybe Friday I’ll log some time on the treadmill. I can run my writer angst out.

I Really Could use some Coffee Right Now.

Posted in Nerd things, writing on June 30, 2011 by generatedanomaly

It’s Thursday here in the crazy place known as my head. It might be Thursday everywhere else too. I can’t be sure of that. Haven’t had any coffee yet. There was some promised to me. Good coffee. But, since I’m here at my computer and it’s not next to me, that hasn’t happened yet.

So, Thursday… It’s always been a weird sort of day for me. Not the middle of the week anymore. Tomorrow’s Friday. It’s just a day without much meaning. I use it to get things done because getting them done is better than not.

Speaking of, over 3000 words down on the new novel yesterday. How’s that for being awesome? I’m going to take it. Okay.

The short story I’m working on… I think I might be close now. I know I keep saying that, but my main character is locked in an office with this psychotic restaurant manager right now. She thinks he might be the murderer, or at the very least some other criminal. I know whether he is or not, but I’m not telling. No spoilers here.

Whenever I say that word I think of River Song and her little blue book of The Doctor’s life. “Spoilers Sweetie.” I know, random. That’s my mind though. It make such random connections at random times. You would think I’d be better at coming up with examples for things in the classroom, but no. My brain does however take those things and turn them into stories. It works out nicely most the time.

Still no coffee…  I might have to mount an expedition to the nether reaches of the house in search of the person who promised it to me. He might need to be woken up and prodded a few times. This might be interesting.

If I don’t come back, it was nice knowing everyone.