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Sometimes I like to prove that I really do have a plan.

Posted in job search, writing with tags , , , on October 30, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I received a job offer Friday after waiting entirely too long to get through the interview, but hey, job offer. I’ll take it. I did take it, and so long as I pass the drug test and the criminal background check, I’ll be starting by the end of next week.

Until then, this novel won’t write itself. So, I’ll keep pounding away on it. Finishing the fight scene, questioning a band that practices blood magic and may or may not be tied to a coven of vampires (haven’t decided yet), and the hero’s father walking in on my intrepid duo are the plan for today. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the zero draft, so really, it’s the perfect place for the first large fight. It’s a nice break of pace from all the police work and emotional baggage.

My next project is starting to work its way into my mind. It’s one I’m doing as a favor for a friend. The long, convoluted story boils down to he had an awesome idea for a character, but didn’t think he could do her justice because his writing isn’t “dark enough.” He thinks mine is, and I like the character, so I reluctantly agreed to take it on. Though, I’d much rather see him get to a place where he can write her. The next time I talk to him, I’ll see if there’s any way to coerce him into writing the story.

It wouldn’t be the first time a writer wasn’t ready to tell the story. It took me three different attempts and two different media to get to the point where I was ready to tell Megan’s story. I needed to live a bit more. I think we all need to live a bit more, and not just the dull marching of time, but really live. To get out there and do things, even if those things are scary. Especially if the things are scary because we learn more about ourselves when we confront the things that scare us.

But that’s where I am. Job offer pending acceptance based on a system I don’t agree with, a novel to finish, and another that I’m a bit up in the air about at the moment. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo for the obvious reason of being in the middle of a project already, plus, I already proved to myself I could write a zero draft in a month by finishing the zero draft of the second novel in the series I’m working on in that amount of time. So, yeah, nothing left to prove, it’s just plodding onward with the work, and maybe finding an editor while I think about my publishing plans.


It may be Monday, but I have everything under control.

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I got a phone call last night for a job interview. It’s tomorrow evening. I’m optimistic, mostly because I don’t know any other way to be at this point. Plus, the woman who set up the interview has a pleasant voice which just sort of adds to the optimism.

That optimism is going to carry me through my list of things that need to get done today. First is getting encounters ready for my D&D campaign. They’re in an underground complex right now, battling their way through legions of undead and monsters to be determined in about twenty minutes. There are rumors of what lies in the tunnels. Whether I decide to include those rumors is something else entirely. I need to figure out what comes after they get out of the dungeon. Though, I am starting to get a few ideas about that.

Once the planning and evil machinations are done, then it’s onward to the writing portion of my day. I thought I had written myself into a hole with my current WIP with the missing suspect and the death of a witness and having no idea how to find the suspect or her vampiric keeper. Last night the pompous bastard that is the antagonist handed my heroine the way to find him. It’s going to be ugly and most likely painful, but any plan that involves interrogating an ex-lover is.

I’m feeling energized and excited about my projects again. It’s amazing what good news does for your mental state.

At least I learned something from this giant mess.

Posted in job search, writing on October 23, 2011 by generatedanomaly

What have we learned this week? Now, that’s a good question.

First, there’s no point in putting all my energy into waiting to hear about about a story when I could be putting it into writing. The worry is bad for my health, my soul, and my productivity. With this comes the realization that I’ve only been seriously writing to sell stuff for less than six months. I’m still learning the ropes. It takes time and research to figure out the markets.

Second, I’m starting to look pretty decent from certain angles. I might actually be winning my argument with my weight despite the fact that I still give in to the sugary sweets and don’t always eat the best. I’m glad The Boy and I have been making the effort to go to the gym.

Let’s see, what else? Job application suck. I hate filling out questionnaires. They like a combination of every trick question ever mixed with some of the dumbest questions ever invented. And I know they’re meant to catch you in a contradiction so they can use that as a reason to not hire you. Seriously, it’s harder to get a job in retail than it is to get a job almost anywhere else just because of the application process. And, if you get by the application, then you need a background check and a drug test. I want some goddamn security clearance if I have to go through that much shit to get a paying job.

Enough ranting. What else have I learned this week?

There are a lot of people out there with writing systems they’re trying to sell. I’m sure some of them might work, but I have my own system (and a really short attention span) that works for me and lets me get my stuff done. I don’t need someone coming in and mucking about because odds are it’s too good to be true. I could be wrong. Hard to say.

It’s been a busy week with lots learning about things, some of them even pertinent to what I’m intending to do with life. No, strike that. What I am doing with my life. There is no intention, it is just what I’m doing. Now I just need to get a whole lot of stuff happen.

What exactly to you mean by “overqualified?”

Posted in job search, writing with tags , , on September 17, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Somewhere between slogging through revisions, generating new content in the form of short stories and housework I’ve found time to toss job applications out in the the ether. I’ve gotten a lot of  this: “We don’t have a job offer for you at this time.” or “You’re overqualified.”

Seriously? You’re hiring. I want to work. And I know the job offer is still posted. I looked. I get that my credit score isn’t the greatest. I’m working on it. Which, by the way, is a hell of a lot harder to do when you don’t have steady income.

And overqualified? That’s not even a thing. That’s you seeing I have a Masters’ degree and freaking out because I won’t start at minimum wage. Shit, you should be paying me for my work experience anyway so what’s a little degree in education going to add to that? Not much. And, in case you haven’t noticed, there are no teaching jobs right now. It’s the middle of September and at this point, I really just want something.

And sure, I’ve got writing, but I’m the new kid on the block here. I have no experience other than stringing words together into sentences. Which, I’m pretty decent at, but still, that doesn’t guarantee anything. It’s  cold world out there and I don’t exactly have a name for myself yet.

I’ve done the research. I’ve looked into magazines and agents. I’ve read extensively on the query letter. I queried a bunch of agents with no luck. I realize now the novel wasn’t ready. I wasn’t ready. But, that’s a few months down I could have been using to make it better. Sure, I used it to write my second novel in the series and I realized a flaw in my writing that I’m working to fix.

Progress is progress. I’ll get there. It’s just a little scary to think about the possibilities awaiting me if nothing works out. Yeah. I’m not going to think about that. I’m going to generate a positive space and make it work for me.

Confessions and Comics, I really am strange and complex.

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I found this weird productive streak in the last two days. It’s strange and eerie but I’m going to take it. On top of finishing revisions yesterday, I nailed the beginning of a short story I’m sending out to competition and roughed out the beginning of one for a personal collection I’m working on. One took place away from the computer in my journal because I really do want to fill it with amazing things before I get my new one in October.

I’m just going to toss this out there. I hate writing resumes. There’s something fake about distilling my experiences onto one to two sheets of paper and coming up with the best bits. I feel like I’m trying too hard to find the right words and not enough time showing them what I can do. Which is fantastic because I claim to have good communication skills. Though, I suppose if you can captivate a group of eighth graders for eighty minutes then you have to be good at some version of storytelling. High school students are a little more forgiving, but only just a fraction. At least in my experience.

Another thing I’m going to toss out there, I’m sort of okay with the reset on Green Arrow. I get two comics a month. Green Arrow and Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris. Green Arrow because I have a thing for superheroes without powers and always found Ollie to be a little less pretentious than Bruce Wayne. Dejah Thoris because Heinlein mentioned the stories in his books and when I saw the comic on the list I wanted to get it. Which amuses my boyfriend because our comic shop likes to give me the “but her nipples are covered so it’s okay” covers.

I still need to do my writing for the night, but I have a decent amount of energy still. This is surprising since today was the first day we went to the gym. Exercise bike for half an hour and I’m feeling it in my thighs and butt. I’m good with that. Maybe Friday I’ll log some time on the treadmill. I can run my writer angst out.

I do need the part of my brain where the words live.

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I’m waiting for the day when I can say I’ve been busy because I’ve been our promoting my book, not because I’ve been working on a day job. Since I haven’t published yet, I am glad for the hours at work. I just wish they didn’t leave me feeling like I lost part of my brain. The important part. The one with all the words in it. I need that part.

I’m sure there are people who would argue against that. The world doesn’t need another writer not contributing to society they’ll say. (These people are assholes. They’re the same ones that said the President had issues with reality because he reads fiction.) Go, get a real job, do things for society.

My response is a good one. After I get done staring through narrowed eyes and resist the urge to break faces it breaks down into a long-winded diatribe. I have my Masters’ degree in education. My intent was to do something good for society, but society decided that we didn’t need to educate our children in any profound way. They passed a test! Fantastic, they’re ready for college. Except, they aren’t. Those kids coming into college this year aren’t ready. Some of them might be, but those are the kids that decided to take their education into their own hands. They’re the ones that got bored and sought out information on their own.

I should be getting ready to stand in front of a bunch of teenagers and teach them chemistry in a couple of weeks. Instead, I have no idea what I’m doing for income after next Monday. I should be trying out new labs and finding decorations for my classroom. Instead, I’m staring at my notes for short stories, crossing my fingers that something sells.

Now, I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I wouldn’t be writing. I would be. I’m a writer. It’s what I do and writers serve a function in society. They’ve replaced the storytellers of old, providing wisdom and entertainment for the masses. I would just be writing while having a steady job. I would be writing much less the first couple years while I build up my reservoir of lesson plans and materials.

I guess my point was, this country is messed up. It’s going in a direction it doesn’t want to go in, but everyone’s too afraid to say it. The outcomes are going to be bad. They’re going to be dark, and the young kids we’re turning to out of college to lead the way, they’re going to be lost because we put so many things above their education.

Writing it down might not help, but it makes me feel better.

Posted in job search, Life as it happens on August 10, 2011 by generatedanomaly

I need a new day job. Not that the one I have now isn’t spiffy and wonderful, because it is, but said day job ends in a couple weeks when I can no longer work as a “student worker” due to my graduated with my Masters’ degree status. I’ve filled out some applications. I need to fill out more, but the impending doom of not having any money coming in is hanging over my head.

None of the schools in the area are hiring science teachers. I’ve looked. They are looking for substitutes. I’ve put in a couple of those applications. Of course, if the day job ends up being a 8-4 or 9-5 thing, then the substitute teaching will be right out.

We do what we need to survive I suppose. That’s the scary part of humanity. Whatever it takes, we’ll do. Well, most of us will do whatever it takes. Some people roll over and give up. Not me though. I’ve come too far to give up. I’ve written too many things not to push forward with it.

I’ve reached the apply for random things and see what happens spot of the job search. It’s a bit of a scary place to be, but a lot of hiring mangers will see the Masters’ degree and automatically consider me overqualified. They’ll never look to see it’s in education and given the state of our educational system in this country, well, anything is better than nothing.

I have plans and lists and things to get done. It doesn’t help to ease the impending doom much. I can’t help but think that somehow things will work out and then I’ll have nothing to worry about. I’ll keep my optimism. It’s gotten me through so far.