I have a new hobby.

I’ve realized I can’t be writing all the time. I try, but sometimes the brain just sort of gets awkward and doesn’t want to cooperate. It happens. And I don’t always want to play video games… They’re awesome, but yeah. So, to the end of entertaining myself, I’ve decided to take up knitting.

I thought about it before. Partly because it seems like a thing, and the rest because I want to knit myself a replica of the fourth Doctor’s scarf. I had a dream that I wore it to work the other day and it sort of spurred me on.

Today, I bought my knitting needles and some deep purple yarn to practice with. I’ve already made decent progress in just a couple of hours. I’m feeling pretty good about that and what the future will hold.

I’ve also been thinking about making jewelry. That has a bit more of a start up cost, but I’ll get where I want to be eventually with the crafting and the writing and all the little bits of life that are strung out there for the world to see.


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