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Small update on life.

Posted in Uncategorized on June 18, 2013 by generatedanomaly

So, here we are, June already. It’s been quite the year. Things haven’t exactly gone to plan, not that it was ever really a plan. More like a thing. A huge, complicated thing filled with insanity and uncertainty and a bit of fun.

My writing’s been going all right. I’ve started querying the novel again. I need to get some more out since I’ve reached the point of no return on the first batch. Somewhere in the mess I’ve started writing the fifth novel to the series. I really need to get myself an editor or something. Of course, that costs money I don’t have, which is more true now that it was even a few weeks ago.

I had to put a new engine in my car immediately after putting new brake lines on it. Monday, brake lines, Saturday, car overheated. It’s a thing. I get it back next week. Next week. If I’m lucky. Though, my luck seems to be spotty at best.

It’s another thing. That’s all. I just need to keep plugging away at what I can control and try to post more often because somewhere along the line I said I wanted to and I really should. I might have more pointed things to say if I worked at it a bit more.