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If Monday could stop being a Monday, that’d be great.

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Today has been a day. It started with getting up at 5:00 this morning and wading through eight inches of snow to get to my car. I dig out the car, finding it odd that it was an angle when I parked it straight. Finishing my dig out, I begin brushing it off to find the tail light broken and the bumper dented.

Unable to do anything about it, I head to work. I sent a text message to my landlord, who might be looking at it tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow at this point.

Then people called off at work, but that’s sort of expected when there’s a ridiculous amount of snow and the roads haven’t really been plowed. It’s a little annoying when it’s always the same people though. Makes you feel like you can’t depend on them to show up for work, which, when you’re in the hierarchy of management is sort of horrible.

The rest of the work day went well enough, after a slight moment of panic as to where I left my keys. Well, until I gave myself a paper cut on my finger that bled for a good ten minutes. It still hurts, but I’ll live and that’s the important part at this point.

The drive home started out all right, but I drove through a horrible band of lake effect snow that sort of wanted to blot a swath of central New York off the map, and considering which portion it was, I can’t really blame it. I made it home safe, and only an hour after I expected, but since I spent most of that hour still at work and getting paid for it, I won’t complain too much.

Now I can hole up in the apartment and wait for Monday to go away without causing me anymore problems, it’d be appreciated. I’d like to get some writing done.



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One of my friends posed the question on Facebook: Do you believe in fate?

It’s an interesting question, one that makes you stop and think. Or at least, it makes me stop to think. It’s a loaded question. If the answer is yes, then it takes the control for what happens in your life out of your hands. If the answer is no, then everything just seems like chaos.

My answer is yes, but not because I want something to decide my life for me. There are fixed points in time. Things that happen because everything leads to them. There’s no way around it.

Plus, there’s always something we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. Sometimes we run from it. Sometimes we embrace it. We’re happiest when we embrace it, when we use all the talents that the universe gave to us.

This is the question I needed to be asked, because it broke through the hopeless funk surrounding me. My fate is something far greater than working a retail job that I have no real interest in. It’s linked to the insane dreams I have, and the horrible sense of righteousness that envelopes me when I’m not entirely paying attention. I need to stop being afraid of what might happen, of rejection, and just put myself out there.

Seems like a fantastic idea, now I just need to do it.