I get excited about strange things.

I finally got my first piece of new furniture up in the living room. It’s my bookshelf, pleasantly lined with the all of the books that were sitting on the floor. My trade paperbacks fit on one shelf, my chemistry books on another, and it looks so very nice in the corner of the room. I think I want to get another shelf and set up my DVDs and video games next to it. And, eventually a tv stand, and chairs and whatever else I need to make it look fantastic and more like a home.

I’ve been spending most of my time at my desk which happens to be in my bedroom. That’s not a bad thing per se, because I need to get more work done. Revisions and such for short stories, a proper synopsis for my first novel, and some work for my D&D campaign are on the list for this week. I decided to use my white board for lists instead of ancient murderboards because in all likelihood, I won’t go back to the story it was a part of. Not that I don’t like the characters involved, but more that I’ve out grown what they were meant for. Which does seem odd.

The other thing  I’m realizing is how horribly spoiled I was by the air conditioning at my last residence. It’s humid and sticky already. At least there are trees surrounding my apartment, not that they help completely. I’m hoping my window fan doesn’t die. It’s the only thing keeping me comfortable.


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