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The great tire escapade.

Posted in Life as it happens with tags , , on May 24, 2012 by generatedanomaly

This morning, after finishing my laundry I returned to my car. Drifting back toward the apartment, I realized it was making a worse noise than usual. It needs work done, so I thought nothing of it really. I returned to my parking spot. On a whim I checked my front passenger side tire to find it completely flat. A small flutter of panic filled my chest. I don’t have cash on hand, not usually. If I have it, I tend to spend it, and that’s just not good.

I returned my laundry to the apartment, grabbing my debit card and a dollar coin from my cat bank. My first stop was the gas station at the bottom of the hill. Their air pump possessed a crudely written out of order sign. Frustration mounting in my chest, I ventured toward the next one. I changed my coin for four quarters and hooked up the pump. This is where I learned to always read the directions first and not assume it will just work. I spent my dollar, but failed to hold down the little handle, so it didn’t fill the tire.

The gas station doesn’t do cash back yet, so I left it behind heading to the next one. Crossing the bridge, a nice (I assume so anyway) man told me my tired was flat. I nodded, yelled “I know” and waited for the light to change. I get to the station, get some money, and the necessary quarters to run the machine. This one is digital with a flat tire button. I fill the tire, then, since I still have time on the pump, check the other three. They were all lower than their recommended pressures. Maybe now my anti-lock brakes will behave. (That’s a different rant.)

At least my shift at the day job doesn’t start until 2:00 this afternoon leaving me plenty of time to be productive even after running around this morning. And be productive I shall.


I get excited about strange things.

Posted in writing with tags , , on May 23, 2012 by generatedanomaly

I finally got my first piece of new furniture up in the living room. It’s my bookshelf, pleasantly lined with the all of the books that were sitting on the floor. My trade paperbacks fit on one shelf, my chemistry books on another, and it looks so very nice in the corner of the room. I think I want to get another shelf and set up my DVDs and video games next to it. And, eventually a tv stand, and chairs and whatever else I need to make it look fantastic and more like a home.

I’ve been spending most of my time at my desk which happens to be in my bedroom. That’s not a bad thing per se, because I need to get more work done. Revisions and such for short stories, a proper synopsis for my first novel, and some work for my D&D campaign are on the list for this week. I decided to use my white board for lists instead of ancient murderboards because in all likelihood, I won’t go back to the story it was a part of. Not that I don’t like the characters involved, but more that I’ve out grown what they were meant for. Which does seem odd.

The other thing  I’m realizing is how horribly spoiled I was by the air conditioning at my last residence. It’s humid and sticky already. At least there are trees surrounding my apartment, not that they help completely. I’m hoping my window fan doesn’t die. It’s the only thing keeping me comfortable.