Mourning the death of my computer.

A few years ago, when I started my grad program, I decided I needed a new laptop. I wanted something small, light and with a little flash since I would be taking it with me when I went to my practicums. I ended up getting a Gateway Netbook and proceeded to work that little computer into the ground. I mean, I used it for everything short of gaming because the poor little thing just couldn’t handle that much output.

Things went well until the last few months. It started freezing if I asked it to do too much. Usually the thing that pushed it over the edge was loading video, but sometimes just listening to music would make it angry. Voices and instruments drawn out into a violent, otherworldly screech while my computer decided what it wanted to do with all the information I was asking of it. Within the last week, it started to have trouble keeping up with my typing. I should have known then it was about done, but I kept pushing it forward.

Yesterday, it started its final plea for death with a random restart cycle. I won’t lie. There were intense moments of panic, and I certainly felt more worried than I should have when the files were being rescued. But then, that’s over three years of work. It’s not just the things I did on that computer, it’s the files and older works from previous computers. It’s all my writing.

But, it was all rescued. Every last word of it. I had a huge sigh of relief when my boyfriend pulled them off. An even larger sense of calm when I opened up the current round of revisions and found everything intact. And then, I went to town and kept moving forward with the work.

For now I’m using the desktop in the living room. It’s not ideal, but I’ll just have to track down my headphones again and make the best of it until I can get together enough money to get a new laptop. And I’ll be smart about it this time. I’ll get something more powerful than a netbook.


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