There are no easy answers in life.

So, funny thing happened. Last night, we’re sitting on the couch after I get home from work and my boyfriend points out a friend on his Facebook feed that’s making money off this site called Fanbox. It was with the edge of “you should do this.” Me, being me, I checked it out. It’s… I’m not sure what the point is. Certainly I’d like to make money. I’m a writer, but it looks to me like it just recycles information already out there and then pays you for traffic to those posts. Also, they own the copyright on anything you post forever and always. 

All right, it really wasn’t that funny. I  tend to use that phrase a lot when things aren’t really all that funny, but I just want a nice introduction to something. I use it at work when customers have been particularly creative with where they’ve left things or something bad happens. Maybe a way to try and soften the blow? Not sure. 

Right, so anyway, in my experience, quick money is neither quick nor one of those things that I should be messing with. I know I need to start making some money off my writing soon, but I really want to do this whole thing my way. I don’t want to skip steps. I don’t want to sell my creative process short. Most of all, I’m not giving up my copyright on anything I produce. Maybe that’s just me being selfish and not wanting to try out this thing because it’s new and foreign, but to me being able to use my own work later on for a collection or whatever is important. They’re my words after all. They’re coming from my head, and as disjointed and random as it seems to other people, I need every piece to make it work properly.

The other thing I’ve realize in the past week is that Skyrim eats your life if you let it. So, I’m making lists of things to get done before I play. I was doing it before when I had something else I’d rather be doing than the research portions of this writing gig. This time I’m looking for more places to try and sell a story I rewrote to. So, I have my post-it notes at the ready and I’m going to be productive. I’m not going to make excuses and wander off to explore a fictional place not of my own creating. 


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