Tough lessons from the word mines.

Somewhere between the day job and messing about with cleaning the house, I think I’ve hit the narrative gold mine. Maybe I should back up a bit. Remember at the beginning of the month where I was all excited about starting revisions on the novel again? No. It’s cool. I was, and I did. It was great, until my computer crashed and corrupted the file.

Now, don’t panic. The original file is safe and sound. I only lost the revisions. And, after pulling myself out of the “I can’t believe all that work is gone” funk, I started over. I think I like this version better. It’s less camp and more seeing the protagonist for who she is.

That being said, I’m rather excited about having the work schedule I wanted all along. Three days of work, four days off, and plenty of time to write without feeling like I fought a minor demon and lost. Which, by the way, gives me an idea for book 4… But that will be addressed at a later time. A much later time. I have a few other projects to get done before I think about writing book 4.

Oh, I did learn something important this week. Back up your files. For the love of all you deem holy, back them up. Saving is fantastic. Autosave is the bomb-diggity, but neither of them can help you when  the file is corrupted. So, yes. Back up those files.


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