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Mourning the death of my computer.

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A few years ago, when I started my grad program, I decided I needed a new laptop. I wanted something small, light and with a little flash since I would be taking it with me when I went to my practicums. I ended up getting a Gateway Netbook and proceeded to work that little computer into the ground. I mean, I used it for everything short of gaming because the poor little thing just couldn’t handle that much output.

Things went well until the last few months. It started freezing if I asked it to do too much. Usually the thing that pushed it over the edge was loading video, but sometimes just listening to music would make it angry. Voices and instruments drawn out into a violent, otherworldly screech while my computer decided what it wanted to do with all the information I was asking of it. Within the last week, it started to have trouble keeping up with my typing. I should have known then it was about done, but I kept pushing it forward.

Yesterday, it started its final plea for death with a random restart cycle. I won’t lie. There were intense moments of panic, and I certainly felt more worried than I should have when the files were being rescued. But then, that’s over three years of work. It’s not just the things I did on that computer, it’s the files and older works from previous computers. It’s all my writing.

But, it was all rescued. Every last word of it. I had a huge sigh of relief when my boyfriend pulled them off. An even larger sense of calm when I opened up the current round of revisions and found everything intact. And then, I went to town and kept moving forward with the work.

For now I’m using the desktop in the living room. It’s not ideal, but I’ll just have to track down my headphones again and make the best of it until I can get together enough money to get a new laptop. And I’ll be smart about it this time. I’ll get something more powerful than a netbook.


There are no easy answers in life.

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So, funny thing happened. Last night, we’re sitting on the couch after I get home from work and my boyfriend points out a friend on his Facebook feed that’s making money off this site called Fanbox. It was with the edge of “you should do this.” Me, being me, I checked it out. It’s… I’m not sure what the point is. Certainly I’d like to make money. I’m a writer, but it looks to me like it just recycles information already out there and then pays you for traffic to those posts. Also, they own the copyright on anything you post forever and always. 

All right, it really wasn’t that funny. I  tend to use that phrase a lot when things aren’t really all that funny, but I just want a nice introduction to something. I use it at work when customers have been particularly creative with where they’ve left things or something bad happens. Maybe a way to try and soften the blow? Not sure. 

Right, so anyway, in my experience, quick money is neither quick nor one of those things that I should be messing with. I know I need to start making some money off my writing soon, but I really want to do this whole thing my way. I don’t want to skip steps. I don’t want to sell my creative process short. Most of all, I’m not giving up my copyright on anything I produce. Maybe that’s just me being selfish and not wanting to try out this thing because it’s new and foreign, but to me being able to use my own work later on for a collection or whatever is important. They’re my words after all. They’re coming from my head, and as disjointed and random as it seems to other people, I need every piece to make it work properly.

The other thing I’ve realize in the past week is that Skyrim eats your life if you let it. So, I’m making lists of things to get done before I play. I was doing it before when I had something else I’d rather be doing than the research portions of this writing gig. This time I’m looking for more places to try and sell a story I rewrote to. So, I have my post-it notes at the ready and I’m going to be productive. I’m not going to make excuses and wander off to explore a fictional place not of my own creating. 

Tough lessons from the word mines.

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Somewhere between the day job and messing about with cleaning the house, I think I’ve hit the narrative gold mine. Maybe I should back up a bit. Remember at the beginning of the month where I was all excited about starting revisions on the novel again? No. It’s cool. I was, and I did. It was great, until my computer crashed and corrupted the file.

Now, don’t panic. The original file is safe and sound. I only lost the revisions. And, after pulling myself out of the “I can’t believe all that work is gone” funk, I started over. I think I like this version better. It’s less camp and more seeing the protagonist for who she is.

That being said, I’m rather excited about having the work schedule I wanted all along. Three days of work, four days off, and plenty of time to write without feeling like I fought a minor demon and lost. Which, by the way, gives me an idea for book 4… But that will be addressed at a later time. A much later time. I have a few other projects to get done before I think about writing book 4.

Oh, I did learn something important this week. Back up your files. For the love of all you deem holy, back them up. Saving is fantastic. Autosave is the bomb-diggity, but neither of them can help you when  the file is corrupted. So, yes. Back up those files.

I might be a little impressed with myself, but I really am learning.

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I started working my way through the first novel in my series again. Maybe it’s because I have a clear cut idea of who the character is now, or that I’ve learned a lot more than I thought in the past six months, but I’m liking this reconstruction.

Writing for me has been a release. It’s been therapy for a life that seems to be like tormenting me at times. It makes me happy, and lets me travel to times and places I wouldn’t be able to otherwise (pending the discovery of a TARDIS or other form of time/space travel). I’ve always been decent at weaving tales, but recently, something changed.

I’m not entirely sure what it was. I know what it felt like. It felt like some little switch in my brain finally flipped and I could see all of creation for a brief second. It felt like brilliance, like each word I picked held a special place and meaning for that story. Whether it’s true or not, I can’t say, but that’s how it felt.

It makes me think that maybe I’ve gotten through one of the numerous stages of growth I’ll undertake as a writer. I’ve stopped getting something good by happenstance and have started creating things with purpose and intent. It feels good.

I know there’s still a lot I need to learn, but I want to relish this moment. The moment where I realized I’m starting to make some headway is fantastic and wonderful. Yeah. I should get back to work.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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Welcome to 11:00pm Eastern Standard Time. It’s a magical place of not quite midnight where the lull of alcohol is starting to wear off and I’d rather find the pleasant buzz of coffee as opposed to the slow fuzziness of the alcohol. It’s a weird and difficult choice, but one I’ve decided to make on a creative whim because if nothing else, tonight I’m going to finish this rewrite I’ve been messing around with all week. 

But, at the same time, there are those thoughts about the end of the year and what comes next. Because what comes next is going to be something fantastic. I have a job. Sure, it’s retail and not what I went through entirely too much education to achieve. But, you know, happiness is probably better than anything else. And, for me, happiness is writing. Which is the important thing. 

 Really, I just want this year to be fantastic and for it to build on the happiness that I found this year with friends and family and my boyfriend. 

So, Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2012 brings you opportunity and happiness.