Memories of Christmas

I went to see my parents for Christmas Eve. My brother actually came home, so we were all in one spot for the first time in a year. It was fantastic, if only because it doesn’t happen anywhere near often enough. But, it also got me thinking of Christmas and my memories. 

There was the year my Dad actually got a deer that season and used the hooves to make a trail in front of our house. We stepped out into the snowy morning to find the trail, properly spaced and everything. I figured out the reality before he did it, but I still appreciated the attempt and almost found myself believing again.

I need to preface the next part by saying I’ve always been too observant and smart for my own good. It was proven when I was eight. Dad wrote all the tags for the presents that year, probably because it was the first year Mom worked away from home. Anyway, me being me, I noticed that Santa and Dad had the same handwriting. I might have pointed it out, and I might have been told how life works. In a way, it made me appreciate my parents more and how much Mom when through to get our presents. 

Then there was the year that my Uncle gave me a present that I couldn’t open until Christmas because it went with one of the presents Mom and Dad got for me. I waited. It was a collection of premade slides to go with my microscope. 

This year will be just my boyfriend and me for Christmas. There will be drinking and video games and food of some sort. It will be small and simple, but it will be a good Christmas because it’s ours. That’s the important part. It’s ours.

Happy Christmas, or whatever your holiday of choice is. May the season bring you joy and good times with friends and family. 


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