Sometimes we just need a couple days to regroup.

I’m sure I did’t mention it here. I finished writing the zero draft for the third novel. Exciting stuff there. I took a short hiatus, also known as “put my brain and emotional status back together into some sort of jumble resembling a working mind.” During that time, I might have played Dragon Age II a little heavier than I would have otherwise.

And then I beat it. In one of the many millions ways that it might have ended. For the record, I’m a sap. I believe in fighting for the underdog, stopping those who might use or abuse power. And a certain Knight-Commander annoyed the shit out of me from the beginning. I might have sided with the mages. Or I did, because that’s pretty much how I roll. Yeah. Fighting for the little guy.

So, now I need to get back into writing mode. I started working on my next project yesterday morning. I already ripped the novel apart into the cases. I’ve changed the character dynamic. It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes, especially after taking out some of the useless crap. It was going to be a trunk novel. It was going to be something I never did anything with, but a thought wormed its way into my head and now I want to do something with it. And by something I mean treat every case as it’s own short story connected by the common thread of characters where consequences carry over, among other things.

It seems like a good idea. No idea how it’s going to pan out, but we’ll see. That’s pretty much how it is with every project. Not sure how it’s going to pan out. The end product is always difference from what I expect, even when I actually manage to adhere to my own outlines.


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