I’m really bad at remembering to post to my blog.

Been a while. The gaps between posts have been getting longer. Something I need to remedy. While it may not seem important and I rarely have anything deep to say, the exercise of putting my thoughts down is good. And these are my thoughts, not a character’s thoughts, or finely crafted plot. I think that’s an important difference.

So, you may be wondering what I’ve been up to, or you may not really care. If you do, well, I’ve been working, a lot. Almost too much, but that’s neither here nor there. And, I’ve been writing. I cracked 40k on the novel I’m working on (finally). It feels pretty good. I’ve got some more time to write today before I head into work, and a whole three days off this week which will be used to do a mixture of cleaning, writing and playing video games.

The other big thing that happened, I wrote the first script for a collaborative side project between my friend Liz and myself. We’ve been known to come up with some pretty wild ideas and bounce around some hypothetical situations. I wanted to write out what might happen if we actually went through with it all. We need to chat about what to do with it after it’s done. I’m leaning toward the internet (maybe my boyfriend can make us a quick site). Then, we’re off and running.

I’ve got some other plans/ideas swirling around my head. First though, I need to finish the rough draft of this novel. Then it’s off to work on the other things. My goal for 2012 is to sell at least five stories to magazines and figure out my publishing situation. It might be a lofty goal, but I’m up for the challenge.


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