Sometimes I like to prove that I really do have a plan.

I received a job offer Friday after waiting entirely too long to get through the interview, but hey, job offer. I’ll take it. I did take it, and so long as I pass the drug test and the criminal background check, I’ll be starting by the end of next week.

Until then, this novel won’t write itself. So, I’ll keep pounding away on it. Finishing the fight scene, questioning a band that practices blood magic and may or may not be tied to a coven of vampires (haven’t decided yet), and the hero’s father walking in on my intrepid duo are the plan for today. I’m about 1/3 of the way through the zero draft, so really, it’s the perfect place for the first large fight. It’s a nice break of pace from all the police work and emotional baggage.

My next project is starting to work its way into my mind. It’s one I’m doing as a favor for a friend. The long, convoluted story boils down to he had an awesome idea for a character, but didn’t think he could do her justice because his writing isn’t “dark enough.” He thinks mine is, and I like the character, so I reluctantly agreed to take it on. Though, I’d much rather see him get to a place where he can write her. The next time I talk to him, I’ll see if there’s any way to coerce him into writing the story.

It wouldn’t be the first time a writer wasn’t ready to tell the story. It took me three different attempts and two different media to get to the point where I was ready to tell Megan’s story. I needed to live a bit more. I think we all need to live a bit more, and not just the dull marching of time, but really live. To get out there and do things, even if those things are scary. Especially if the things are scary because we learn more about ourselves when we confront the things that scare us.

But that’s where I am. Job offer pending acceptance based on a system I don’t agree with, a novel to finish, and another that I’m a bit up in the air about at the moment. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo for the obvious reason of being in the middle of a project already, plus, I already proved to myself I could write a zero draft in a month by finishing the zero draft of the second novel in the series I’m working on in that amount of time. So, yeah, nothing left to prove, it’s just plodding onward with the work, and maybe finding an editor while I think about my publishing plans.


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