Productive insomnia, there’s something wrong with that phrase.

The interview I had Tuesday night went so well they scheduled me for a second interview yesterday that was then rescheduled for today, in four hours. And, here I am, too tired to be nervous because my brain decided it wanted to work through the problems on a side project I haven’t thought about in months.

Good news is, I figured out all those problems. The bad news, well, I’m going to need to fake some energy when I get in to the interview.

I might have mentioned the project before. It’s an educational card game on par with Munkin or Flux, but different enough to need its own sort of game engine. That engine kept my brain preoccupied for hours last night, but I have it. The next step is more research and designing the cards. Then, play testing. I might actually get to that part before the end of the school year, and I might be able to get into a classroom to do it. Once it’s done, then I’ll figure out the marketing/production aspects.

I’m hoping the combination of side effect cards and ability to sabotageĀ the other players will keep students engaged with the process and help them remember some key concepts and some scientists. Either way, it will be something to keep me busy for a bit now that I seem to have gotten it all figured out.

The other good news, I reached the spot for the fight scene I’ve had in my head for months. Getting that out of my system and the bit that follows will be nice, then it’s all downhill to the end. Or so I tell myself. I’m sure it won’t be as easy as that. It rarely is, but at least the novels don’t have the months of downtime while I figure them out.


One Response to “Productive insomnia, there’s something wrong with that phrase.”

  1. Hope the interview went well!

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