It may be Monday, but I have everything under control.

I got a phone call last night for a job interview. It’s tomorrow evening. I’m optimistic, mostly because I don’t know any other way to be at this point. Plus, the woman who set up the interview has a pleasant voice which just sort of adds to the optimism.

That optimism is going to carry me through my list of things that need to get done today. First is getting encounters ready for my D&D campaign. They’re in an underground complex right now, battling their way through legions of undead and monsters to be determined in about twenty minutes. There are rumors of what lies in the tunnels. Whether I decide to include those rumors is something else entirely. I need to figure out what comes after they get out of the dungeon. Though, I am starting to get a few ideas about that.

Once the planning and evil machinations are done, then it’s onward to the writing portion of my day. I thought I had written myself into a hole with my current WIP with the missing suspect and the death of a witness and having no idea how to find the suspect or her vampiric keeper. Last night the pompous bastard that is the antagonist handed my heroine the way to find him. It’s going to be ugly and most likely painful, but any plan that involves interrogating an ex-lover is.

I’m feeling energized and excited about my projects again. It’s amazing what good news does for your mental state.


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