At least I learned something from this giant mess.

What have we learned this week? Now, that’s a good question.

First, there’s no point in putting all my energy into waiting to hear about about a story when I could be putting it into writing. The worry is bad for my health, my soul, and my productivity. With this comes the realization that I’ve only been seriously writing to sell stuff for less than six months. I’m still learning the ropes. It takes time and research to figure out the markets.

Second, I’m starting to look pretty decent from certain angles. I might actually be winning my argument with my weight despite the fact that I still give in to the sugary sweets and don’t always eat the best. I’m glad The Boy and I have been making the effort to go to the gym.

Let’s see, what else? Job application suck. I hate filling out questionnaires. They like a combination of every trick question ever mixed with some of the dumbest questions ever invented. And I know they’re meant to catch you in a contradiction so they can use that as a reason to not hire you. Seriously, it’s harder to get a job in retail than it is to get a job almost anywhere else just because of the application process. And, if you get by the application, then you need a background check and a drug test. I want some goddamn security clearance if I have to go through that much shit to get a paying job.

Enough ranting. What else have I learned this week?

There are a lot of people out there with writing systems they’re trying to sell. I’m sure some of them might work, but I have my own system (and a really short attention span) that works for me and lets me get my stuff done. I don’t need someone coming in and mucking about because odds are it’s too good to be true. I could be wrong. Hard to say.

It’s been a busy week with lots learning about things, some of them even pertinent to what I’m intending to do with life. No, strike that. What I am doing with my life. There is no intention, it is just what I’m doing. Now I just need to get a whole lot of stuff happen.


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