Obligatory Comic Con Swag post a.k.a. My boyfriend is awesome.

I know, I know, two posts in one day so close to each other, but someone wanted me to write an account of the swag he brought back for me and I felt like it didn’t belong in the other post. So, added to the reasons why I love my boyfriend are that he got numerous pieces of artwork signed to me and brought back new TPBs to read. (Also, he might have picked up a web design job while at the con. Details are pending.)

There’s the Batwoman Issue 0 that he got for me, signed by Amy Reeder. It needs to find a protective home soon. There’s a DVD cover signed by Jewel Staite made out to both of us. He tracked down Eddie McClintock (Pete on Warehouse 13) and got the best message ever and a signature. It says “4 Rachel! I miss you…” Yep, my boyfriend is amazing. I might have emitted a fangirl squee when I saw the picture. And by might have, I mean I did.

For prints, he bought a lot of them. I know there’s a Batwoman one signed to me and a Warlords of Mars cover. There are a few Zantanna prints. I sort of want to swipe one of the Doctor Who ones (there’s one that’s just Tennant, or the illustration version of him, that I wouldn’t mind having in my office forever.) We’re going to get some frames eventually and rotate them every couple of months to preserve the coloration and the ink since I’m of the view that if we have cool things we should show them off.


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