Unexpected turns, choices and phone calls that need to happen, it’s just a usual Friday.

The ending of this story got away from me a bit. It started out with this fantastic plan outlined in my journal. Then I began writing and it turns out one of the characters was much darker than I anticipated. He’s actually a giant douche. I want to like him, but I can’t really respect him or his choices. So there is that.

The particular story I’m working on I started ages ago. It’s languished at the side of the desktop in a creative null space, not because it was fated to die but because I get distracted by new shinier ideas on a regular basis.

Which brings me back to the spread sheet and the fact that it really has been useful in keeping me honest with myself. I’ve gone from a rough beginning with some random names to a story that’s almost complete in three days while fighting the worst cold I’ve had in a long time. (By the way, I’m back to 90% for those who are curious. Still a little congested, but overall I’m feeling magnificent.) All that’s left is to wind it down to an acceptable ending. I should be able to pull it off tonight. Even if I get the phone call I’m waiting for.

It’s nothing super exciting. It is exciting in that I might have a day job soon, but not getting a story published exciting. That will involve the random and uncharacteristic expressions of glee most people assume I’m not capable of. They might be right. I’ll let you all know when it happens, or rather, when I’m allowed to let people know that it’s happened. It’s sort of weird timey-wimey stuff where things happen in a strange order, like everything else in my mind. Which is another problem, one that shouldn’t be addressed without copious amounts of caffeine or ethanol. It’s your choice. It’s not the best set of choices ever, but it’s still a choice.

Which is what my main character is left with right now. Walk away from the case after one of the chief investigators was shot in a drive by meant for her or continue to push her luck. She knows who committed the murders. She has a pretty good ides of where he is. She’s also covered in blood that isn’t hers. When I put it that way, it’s not really a choice.


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