Learning about myself is a good thing.

I realized something the other day. It was an important realization. If I’m going to be a writer and make a living off it, I need a system to keep track of stories without causing myself to tweak out whenever I look at it. I created a spreadsheet. Then I printed it off and started filling in dates that I made revisions on.

Turns out I have more work to do than I thought, but I did finish a zero draft yesterday for a story despite feeling like my head was stuff with cotton and being held under water. For the record, I hate being sick. I was sick rarely growing up and now, as an adult, I get a little whiny. Okay, I get a lot whiny, but still insist on pushing through to get my work done. I suppose that’s what happens when you grow up on a farm and don’t get sick days. Sort of like being a writer. If you want to make money, you don’t get to take sick days. That’s a technicality and not really the point.

I am appreciating the spread sheet. I’ve had it for three days and it’s doing a much better job of keeping me on task than anything else I’ve tried has. I need all the help I can get and really, I think it’s the level of accountability that’s involved. Since the only deadlines I have right now are self-imposed, I’m very good at ignoring them.

The other thing that helps, I’m one of those people that likes to get achievements in video games. Filling in the dates on drafts is sort of like getting achievements. They work up to the big one of getting paid for a story. Because I’m going to hang on to that optimism of once I get one out there the others become a little easier.


2 Responses to “Learning about myself is a good thing.”

  1. That sounds like a great system! It’s really easy to ignore your own deadlines and it’s vital to find a way to stick to them.

    Writing is a habit though, too (and an addictive one at that) so after you write everyday for a while, you may also find that you feel antsy if you don’t do any writing. That’s a great motivator as well!

    If you keep writing and keep improving and keep submitting, you will sell a story.

    Good writing!

  2. WOW! I am never that organised with my writing – yet at work…i think I may have to try this system for myself.

    Are you submitting to A Cuppa and an Armchair btw?

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