My thoughts on the new DC.

I’ve been thinking about the DC reboot a lot, partly because it’s hard to avoid the blog posts and all right now. I was talking it over with my boyfriend the other day, just to get some things off my chest. But, I think it warrants a blog post because I have a few things I really want to say.

First, Starfire being vapid and sex crazed… I’ve been thinking about this and have decided that she’s a freshman in college, just away from her parents and wants to try out a few new personas on her way. Sure, it’s dangerous and she’s probably going to get hurt (physically and emotionally), but she’ll pretend she doesn’t care so she can fit in. I’ve lived in college towns my entire adult life. I’ve seen it happen.

My second theory, she’s been infected with some alien venereal disease that requires her to have as much sex as possible to spread amongst the masses. It’s altered her brain chemistry just enough for her to think it’s a good idea.

Catwoman? I don’t know. I need to see what comes next to know if the sex is gratuitous or if it serves the larger story. Not that I’m sure there’s a larger story because the writing is a bit insipid. Which is to say, I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t buy the book, but read part of it while standing next to the new comic wall last week. Yes, I’m that person. I got my fingerprints all over someone else’s comic. I find myself not caring.

All right, got the big pieces out of the way. Right. So far, I’ve enjoyed Green Arrow as I said before. I’ll keep getting that. I’ll keep getting Batwoman too, and Birds of Prey. I loved the shout out to Montoya in Batwoman. (Speaking of, where is Question? I haven’t seen her, or him if they decide to go back. Either way, I enjoy the character.) And, Dinah is one of my favorite characters. To see that she’s been treated well (s0 far) makes me happy.

I don’t ask for much. I want strong characters that I can relate to, male or female. And, by the way, I don’t mean nothing ever gets them down, I mean strength of conviction or ideal. I hope I write characters that come off that way. Shit happens (on a regular basis depending on where you live) and it’s how a character deals with it that shows the type of person they are. A character doesn’t need breasts to be relatable to me. They need to stick to their ideals and, if they’re a hero, it means acting like one. They need to take the shitty stuff life throws their way in stride and continue to be good people, because aliens are people too. Or, at least, they’re being written by people. I suppose that might be a distinction worth making.


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