In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a geek.

This week is the huge “Speak Out With Your Geek Out” event. Thousands of people are posting about their geeky ways. You’ve read my posts about writing and research. You’ve hung in there when I talked about video games. You even put up with a foray into the realm of comics and listened to me say slanderous things like I’m okay with the reset on my favorite character and might even enjoy the new direction.

You all know I’m a geek. You know I like Doctor Who and Torchwood before Starz got their hands on it. You may not know, but will shortly, that I enjoy a good dice romp through my imagination and the imaginations of others. This fall I’m in one campaign and running my own. It’s gleeful.

I enjoy all of that, I really do. But that’s just my baseline happiness of being a pretty little geek. The thing that really gets me excited, that I can go on about for hours and never once feel bad is forensic science. More specifically decomposition.

Oh, I know you’re making faces now. The scrunched up nose, the slight turn of your head away from the screen. But the call was put out so I answered.

I’m enchanted with the idea of Bill Bass’ body farm and the research they do there and, if I ever get back into academia, I want to open a similar facility in a more northern climate. I want to know how six feet of snow affects decomposition, or the freezing and thawing cycles of late fall and early spring. I think about these things, especially when I’m writing.

Really, I think about all the little pieces to the forensics puzzle when I’m writing. They’re important pieces. Shoe prints, fingerprints, sweat, hairs, directionality of blood spatter, GSR… All those things you see on crime shows that make you think you can commit the perfect crime. Which, you can’t. There’s always something. Thank you Locard for your principle; Every contact leaves a trace.

My dirty secret love is British crime dramas. They put so much more emphasis on the characters involved and less on flashy camera work and special effects. A plus, 95% of the time their science is sound. I do enjoy that bit.

I’ll skip over insects and bones. Just know that I like those too. At some point I’m going to write a story about a forensic entomologist. I feel like the anthropologist angle has been played out… At least for the time being.

To leave you with something awesome as a reward for putting up with my rants, did you know that scientists are working on a way to distinguish the micro-DNA of different bodily excretions so they can tell what a stain is? Sweat, saliva, vaginal excretions, semen, menstrual blood and blood. Some of those are just for comparison. But being able to tell if blood is from the body or from menstruation would definitely come in handy.

One last thing, I am a geek. I’m proud of that fact. I’m glad I get excited about things, even if they aren’t popular or cool. Because a world without these things wouldn’t be as amazing.


2 Responses to “In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a geek.”

  1. What are you favourite crime dramas? Its nice too see everyone posting about their secret geeky wats this week 🙂

    • Waking the Dead has captured my fancy right now. I just finished series 4 and was actually crying because one of the main characters bought it. I enjoyed Wire in the Blood. I’m trying to remember which is next on my list. I snuck a bunch into our Netflix queue and watch them shamelessly when I get control of the television.

      I’m rather enjoying seeing everyone’s posts as well. It’s going to be a good week.

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