Monday, but with a slightly different perspective.

Hello Monday, glorious beginning to a new week. One filled with possibility and insanity. Mostly insanity if we’re being blunt because it leads to more possibilities. Oh, and let’s not forget the optimism. That’s good to have lying around too, in massive quantities.

So, yes. Optimism, insanity and possibility because it’s Monday and I can’t quite bring myself to feel anything negative right now. That will change in about four hours when I’m ripping the heart out of a scene, studying it and putting it back in slightly askew from where it was. Before that, new content on the current short story because if a ten-mile bike ride is good for anything it’s good for figuring out the next bit of a story and where you want it to end up.

The one I’m working on now is part of a collection that ties all the main characters together through interactions. I’ve got two more to write after this, then the dreaded editing phase. Then it goes off to the beta readers. Sort of also a dreaded phase. I’m not good at waiting for people to do things. I’m working on it.

All right, not bad for a Monday. I’m going call today a tentative win.


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