Back to the Beginning. Again…

Tomorrow the last query I have out on my novel will go silently into the not interested but thanks for playing pile. It’s a large pile. It makes me a little sad, but I have learned a lot in the past month or two about myself  and writing in general so, the next ones will be better. My next synopsis will be better. You know, I’m just going to call it a general betterness to my writing life and style.

I’m still pounding away at the keyboard. Today a little more sluggishly than usual. There’s something about five hours of sleep and weird dreams that puts my brain in a strange place for the rest of the day, one that not even a nap can remedy. I’m pounding the coffee, but it’s not doing a whole lot and my ten mile bike ride this morning didn’t do a whole lot for the waking up bit either. My legs are still unhappy about that by the way.

This is something like take 45 on the whole getting into shape thing. For something like eight glorious months I was down to a size 14 on my way to a size 12 and feeling amazing. Then something happened. Well, I know what it was really, it was moving to a new city and random stress and I like food. Okay. There, I said it. I like food. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m an emotional eater and have used food as a means to feel better my whole life. Yep.

Funny thing, it might actually be a genetic predisposition for that sort of behavior. Mom says her mother did the same thing. Of course, that’s a long sorted story of random lies and intrigue (I might have made up the intrigue. It makes for a better story.) that I don’t have the patience to get into nor know all the details about.

Right, so, my brain hates me. Well, not my brain per say. More like some random portion of my subconscious that has linked food to feeling better. Plus my wonderful addictive personality. (I’m not allowed to start playing WoW again for a reason. It’s an important reason, and not just because I overheat computers like a champ.) But I’m really trying this time and I have a workout buddy, someone to keep me honest and motivate me to go even when I’d rather stay in bed where it’s nice and warm. My boyfriend is awesome. I probably don’t tell him that enough.

I’m going to muddle through the day. Toss some words onto the page and hope they don’t suck completely because that would make revisions so much nicer. I do enjoy not having to rewrite entire chunks of text on a regular basis.


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