A little bit of everything mixed with way too much coffee.

I want to laugh maniacally. Not that I think there’s a different way to laugh after inflicting insanity upon beta readers. That insanity is the finished revisions of the second novel in my series. Yes. They’re done. They’re off. I’m going to forget about them for a bit and work on something different and exciting. Well, different anyway.

This is the bit where I admit that I don’t remember the last time I posted or have any idea what I talked about. I’m pretty sure it was my rant about not having a job to use my wonderful piece of paper I spent $50000 to get on.

Oh, that number frightens me a bit. More than a bit really. It’s the sort of number that makes me wish I was a little more adventurous and a little less timid. Not that I’m completely without a crazy streak. It’s just that, I often wait for things to happen instead of pursuing them. I put off things I don’t like to do. Who doesn’t? If we didn’t put off things we wanted to avoid, there’d be nothing to avoid.

Point being, I need to be less timid. I need to write with my heart and soul and not just the jagged edges of the broken pieces. As entertaining as those are and mostly put back together I might add. Until I do something horribly and cruel to myself through one of my characters. Because I am that person.

I’m that person who’s had way too much coffee and no longer wants to form coherent sentences, but who also needs to switch laundry over and wash the sheets. It turns out laundry doesn’t do itself and I feel like a bit of a lump every time I walk past it. Maybe I’m a bit off, it just makes me more interesting.

Interesting and full of plans. Yeah. That sounds good. I’m going to take that and run with it right into the next piece that needs to be worked on. I’m going to try to post more often with deep meaningful things, but it’s likely going to be a bit random and off because, well, I am. Random and a bit off. I guess it’s what happens when you drink too much coffee and spend your time creating places in your head.


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