The edge of Hurricane Irene is deciding if it wants to visit the southern shore of Lake Ontario right now. We certainly have enough wind. It sends a little shudder up my spine every time we get another gust. Partly because there’s a little high-pitched creak that accompanies it.

The car is hiding along side the house instead of where I usually park. It’s safe, in theory, from the chimney should it fall and most tree branches.

I talked to one of my beta readers last night. Good feedback. The consensus seems to be that I need to be less technical in my reference to body parts. And this is where I get a little… well, I’m going to act like a writer about it. Mostly because I was “that kid” who relished knowing that the collarbone is in fact called the clavicle. The cheekbone, that’s the zygoma. The little piece that tails back toward the ear, the zygomatic arch. I’m a nerd. I make no apologies.

The real question that needs to be answered is whether my character is that kid too. If she would use those words instead of the more commonplace ones, then win for me. If not, then it’s a simple cut and replace job.

She’s been hanging out in my head for a while and, based on what I’ve written, I’m pretty sure she is that kid. She likes knowing things. Not just to know them, but to use them. Doesn’t mean things always go her way. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t look through her first novel again and see if the uses are superfluous or if they’re needed. And, if all else fails, I can always make light of it in the dialogue.

I will inform and educate with my dialogue, and the whole novel in general. This is just the teacher in me. Hell, I was teaching a coworker about sugars at work yesterday. Not overtly, simply explaining the different between the no-calorie sweeteners and sugar. I do miss standing in front of a class.

That last sentence, that one makes me giggle inside. I remember how nervous I got doing presentations in high school and college. Then I did drama club my second year at Alfred State. (I was an Aggie, only not drunk and smelling of chew.) This started breaking me out of my shell. Now, I may get nervous about a big presentation or such, but it doesn’t cause me to freeze up. This will serve me well later in life.


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