I’m pretty sure I’m not dead. I know I’m not on fire.

What the hell is today? Wednesday? I guess that sounds right. After all, I’ve been doing something (day job, social engagement, or both) every day for a week. It doesn’t look to let up until this weekend.

I’m not complaining, only that I am a little. Computer time has been scarce. Writing time, well, I need to start making some more. Or making better use of the time I have. I did (finally) get the damned short story  I was tweaking straightened out. It only took a week, but the damn thing flows and might actually live up to the title now.

Next on the docket, er post-it note, another short story. I’m trying to decide if I want to drop the strung together project right now and go work on a couple competition pieces, or just get the project strung together then work on the competition pieces. Probably that second one since I have no idea what I’m going to write for the competition pieces and I know what I want to do with this project.

Right. So. Onward in a generally forward direction with fewer distractions. Maybe.

We’re supposed to be signing up for Planet Fitness today. Then I need something to workout in that my boyfriend will actually let me leave the house in. He’s not fond of the shorts I want to wear. Actually, he’s very fond of them, just not when I wear them in front of other people. So, that’s exciting, actually going to the gym will be the other thing, but if plot issues line up with gym hours, well that will help with the motivation to go because then I can go work out my aggression and have that happy little plot breakthrough we all want to have.


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