Summer Weather Could have Waited…

Summer has finally hit Central New York. The wonderfully oppressive humidity that makes the air feel thick and makes you want to expend little to no energy. The temperatures are forecasted above 90 for the week with one day at almost 100.

Now, I know a lot of people out there are in places where it’s been that hot for a month and think I’m a horrible person for complaining about it finally reaching here. Sure. Fine. You’re probably right. I am a horrible person. But I’m still a person. A writer. In an office, without air conditioning.

I make it to about 2:00 before I have to migrate to cooler areas of the house. Then all bets are off on productivity. I’ve decided part of the reason is the set up. In the living room, I’m sitting at the couch. The computer is below my natural line of sight.  My head is bent. I’m slouched so my knees are comfortable. My wrists are at horrible angles. In the office, I’m at my desk. The world is amazing. The only distractions I have are the ones I create for myself.

Distractions… Oh, I’m so good at finding those. I need to start categorizing my distractions and avoiding them until after putting in a good six hours on the writer things. If anyone has any ideas on that, I’m open to them. I clearly haven’t found anything that works yet.


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