Someone Asked me for Writing Advice…

Life is an amusing collection of random events.

I worked yesterday for my current day job. The event was easy. The thing that astounded me was one of my coworkers asking me about the whole writing business.

It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a writer. It’s even less of a secret when I start talking to myself like I’m talking to my characters and expect a response from actual people. I’m certain it will land me in a mental health ward someday. Until then, it’s a good way to get people to leave me alone.

By no means do I think I know anything about the writing business. I have my experiences so far and the random pieces of information I’ve gathered from blogs and articles. I know enough to give people slight direction as to where to begin. I understand process. I’m developing one hell of  work ethic.

The work ethic, that’s the most important bit. People tell me they want to write, but follow it up with I haven’t written anything months. That doesn’t sound much like writing to me. That sounds like looking for something easy to do and then realizing it’s hard.

Writing is not easy. You have to sit down and write. No excuses, even if the words are horrible and sound illiterate with sentence structure that wold make a second grader cringe. Because anything can be fixed on edits. Well, not anything, but most things. Anything that can’t be fixed probably shouldn’t be there to begin with, so really, that problem can be fixed too.

So, I gave my first bit of writing advice. Answered some questions about my own stuff and realized that while I didn’t need a male protagonist, he makes the story more entertaining. Which means I do need him, if only to do something horrible to him down the line. It was a decent day.

Today has been even better, at least from a writing standpoint. I’m making massive progress on the novel. Not as much on the editing, but I did get one story done. The week isn’t over yet, so I still have time. I might even forgo sleep. Who needs to sleep when there’s coffee in the house? I say this now, but will regret the decision later. Good thing I’m still young enough to abuse my body in horribly chemical dependent ways and recover quickly.


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