Tough Love, for Myself

So, here we are, Tuesday. Yesterday was productive and happy. A good anniversary all around. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. It’s almost as if there was a strange time warp and the world fast-forwarded a bit. In which case, it needs to not do that anymore. I’d like to enjoy my life, not miss giant chunks of it due to random time jumps.

Unless I have a Tardis. Then, by all means, time jumps. I want to live the whole of time and space out of order. It will be fun.

I think it’s time to take a leap of faith on a few things. Not the novel so much, but some of my short stories. I need to edit some. Wrap them in nice, pretty bows of sentence structure and good storytelling and the toss them to the wolves. If anything survives, then it gets to the next phase of making me money so I can spend more time writing and less time doing ugly things I don’t want to do.

I know I was all on about word count and editing Sunday. It’s a good goal for the week and I’m doing well so far on that bit. I could be doing better.

My downfall is Farmville. I get sucked into the plants and the little digital animals and then before I know it, forty minutes has disappeared into maintaining something I get nothing out of. My new goal is to stay the hell off the internet games for the day. The whole day. I’m almost at word count for the novel. I’m printing a short story to edit later.

It’s time to make dreams come true. It’s time to start on the path that makes imaginary conversations with famous people become real conversations with famous people. Why? Because in my head I’m that good. It’s time to be that good on paper.

No more holding back for fear of failure. No more tentative steps. Those are just failure wrapped in another package.

Someone please remind me of this post in two days when I’m still lamenting my lack of progress. I’ll appreciate it. Well, I’ll grumble a bit, then I’ll appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


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