My Mind, it’s a Nice Place to Visit.

Here we are, poised to begin another week. Nothing of note has happened in the last couple of days. Not really. I’ve been plugging along on the new novel. It’s up to 15,500 words now. Today will see another 2000 added. I hope.

This week is big. First, tomorrow is our one year anniversary (my boyfriend and I). That’s exciting. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year already, but then a lot has happened in that year. I’m making lasagna for dinner. Still haven’t decided on dessert yet. I’m leaning toward red velvet cake. It’s one of his favorites.

After that, I’m calling this week “It’s time to get serious” week. I have two stories that need edits. Then to be submitted somewhere that will (hopefully) give them a happy home. And give me money. That, I want to have done for Thursday.

I’m going to generate another list of agents to contact. Set aside some money for stamps and large envelopes and, after I hear back from my beta readers, get ready for submissions round 2. I’ve learned a lot already. That query letter needs a little spice to it, and something about me. Whatever that may be.

I need to get better at talking myself up. It probably has a lot to do with my self esteem and all that wonderful messed up mind garbage. But, I’ve been told my stuff is good, perhaps even enjoyable. (I’d have to check the text message again.) I want to share my stories with the world, but I also want to get paid to do it.

It sounds weird, but I think writer is the best job ever. Why? Because I get to live inside my head where all this strange, wonderful shit is. Then people get to experience the strange, wonderful shit through words on a page. I’m not alone anymore. Which, by the way seems to be a running theme my main characters have. They are alone, but hate it. I’m not alone. I just want more people to experience the crazy shit in my head.

I just need to come up with a better way to sell it. Opening with, I have this crazy idea that I think might work doesn’t seem like the best plan. Though… it might work. I’ll think about that one.

Now, since the words don’t type themselves, no matter how much I want them to, I should get to work on getting some into the word document.


One Response to “My Mind, it’s a Nice Place to Visit.”

  1. All i know about query letters is that you should keep them short and sweet, whilst telling in two lines what your story is, and saying why you are different from everybody else. My lecturer used to write in his that he used to be a grave digger (true) and it worked! Sometimes the world of writers can be a very strange place!

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