Lessons from my Characters.

It might be the second cup of coffee, or the realization that here it is, the beginning of July and I’m still “working” the same day job, but I had an epiphany. I’m down, but I’m not out.

I spend all this time crafting stories. I throw characters into the deep and end watch to see if they sink of swim. (Me, I sink. Then I panic and flail because I can’t reach the bottom and there’s water over my head. It’s not pretty.) Most of the time my characters swim. The protagonists tend to do much better. They climb out of the pool and pummel the problem with something large and blunt.

It works. Sometimes it works very well. Then I take their toys away and see what happens. They get creative.

I need to get creative.

I may not have a shadowy monster feeding off years of accumulated guilt, but I do have problems. And not just the mental health variety. My flimsy grasp on reality is actually a benefit for writing certain types of fiction.

Creativity and not giving up, those are the keys. No one wants to read a story about someone who gave up halfway through. They want protagonists who keep fighting even when they’re lying broken in the ground. Wounds heal. Broken hearts dull with time. Credit scores get better. It just takes work, patience and creativity.


3 Responses to “Lessons from my Characters.”

  1. Absolutely! Working on a plan to keep spurring us all on – will pass on details when I have something sorted!

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