Progression of Ability.

Where did we leave off? I had just started the second novel in this particular series. My fourth overall. I like to think I’ve learned a little more with each one. I think I’ve enjoyed writing each one successively more.

That sounds weird. It’s true though. The first novel was my therapy for when my first “long-term” relationship failed. It’s full of death and the characters figuring out who they are. The second one of that series (which is in need of heavy editing) was more fun to write because I had figured out the characters and their interactions. Plus, there’s  giant conspiracy and it was more fun to be further into the giant mess surrounding it.

The first Avalon novel (the one I queried) was nice for me to write. The self-contained nature of the story was fantastic. Beginning, middle, end… shit storm figured out before the end.

This one, I’m having too much fun with this one. Which isn’t too say I don’t have trouble sitting still and writing, but I have that problem anyway. Like tonight, I’ve spent as much time doing other things as writing, if not more. Sure, I’m still enjoying the fuck out of constructing this story and fleshing out some characters I introduced in the last book. But, I’m also everywhere and unfocused. I just need to channel my focus.

Easier said than done some days.


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