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I think I’ve found some balance.

Posted in writing on July 28, 2011 by generatedanomaly

This week got away from me. Not in a “things didn’t get done” sort of way, but in a “I’ve been busy and how is it Thursday already” way. Things are progressing about as I planned. Maybe a little better. That’s always a good sign.

I’ve been thinking about my protagonist in my novel a lot. I like her and her slightly broken but still functional way. Her ability to manipulate time has some serious drawbacks. Black outs and vomiting tend to hamper one’s ability to fight. Plus the sheer disorientation of the process is fun to write.

Part of me wonders if I did enough to even out this cool little power set she has. Is it believable enough that people won’t call me on having a perfect, overpowered character. Yes, sure, she can do things, but doing those things has consequences. Like The Doctor crossing his own timeline. (“Only for cheap parlor tricks.”) I guess I’m just second guessing my subconscious at this point. I should stop doing that.

It’s probably the years I spent gaming. Characters need to be believable, their powers not broken, or the game isn’t fun. Neither is dying of course, but there needs to be some semblance of challenge or I lose interest. I’m hoping to achieve balance with her powers and move from there.

The other characters are fleshing out nicely. I like my new detective, though the old one is throwing a hissy fit. A large one. Character development for the win.

Also, I’ve decided that everyone needs a tech-savvy elf to assist them with danger and strange things. If someone could make this happen I’ll give them a cookie. A good cookie. No, really, I’ll even bake said cookie, and possibly other ones as well. It will be fun.


Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean things stop happening.

Posted in writing on July 24, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Sunday again. If I’m to be honest with myself, I didn’t get near enough done this week. But, I did work a few shifts at the day job, including a wicked eight hour one yesterday.

I felt drained when I got done on register. Mentally and physically exhausted, and we still had clean-up to do. I now understand the ability to come back from that sort of decimation as I so often have my characters achieve. The plodding determination of a woman set on getting home and getting to have a  proper rest.

The update from this week mean to keep my honest. I got a bit more editing done, planned out the short stories for the collection I’m putting together. I’m almost to 40k on the novel. About 150 words short, which will take no time at all. I got a couple of applications done and found some more places to apply. I’m in the process of weighing my need for money over my desire for time to write.

I told my boyfriend last night that I want a day job that gives me time to write. I meant it. I’m at my happiest transforming random ideas into something coherent. If I’ve learned anything from life it’s that you should pursue what makes you happy.

Sometimes I have Good Ideas. The Beginning of a new Project.

Posted in writing on July 21, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Sitting in my office, trying to decide if it’s already too warm at 10:30 in the morning to be back here trying to make words happen, I came across a new idea. This one is nonfiction. This one will have a title something like: The Death of the Family Farm. With some sort of subtitle to be worked out later. Maybe, Memories from the Last Generation.

If I write it, I’m going to cry a lot. It’s a story I think should be told though. The sort of story that someone will find compelling, if only my family and the people who knew my great grandparents.

Shit. There are the tears already and I haven’t even started yet. I guess, just thinking about it is enough. Anyway, the stuff I don’t know or remember I can look up. And I wish to hell I thought of this two years ago when Grandpa was still alive.

I know there have been books on the history of Candor. I know they’ve talked about my family some, but this… This project is different. It has the raw emotion of being lived. All those memories poured into my head through experience. The things that are ingrained in me, the muscle memory… And I’m not pulling any punches. No sugar coating the family drama. I can’t possibly end up more ostracized than I am already. Well, I could, but I don’t care. It’s all part of what made me who I am.

This is going to be awesome. I might start on it later today. After I get my word count on the novel done…. and job applications. Those need to happen too. Time to make things happen.

Summer Weather Could have Waited…

Posted in writing on July 19, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Summer has finally hit Central New York. The wonderfully oppressive humidity that makes the air feel thick and makes you want to expend little to no energy. The temperatures are forecasted above 90 for the week with one day at almost 100.

Now, I know a lot of people out there are in places where it’s been that hot for a month and think I’m a horrible person for complaining about it finally reaching here. Sure. Fine. You’re probably right. I am a horrible person. But I’m still a person. A writer. In an office, without air conditioning.

I make it to about 2:00 before I have to migrate to cooler areas of the house. Then all bets are off on productivity. I’ve decided part of the reason is the set up. In the living room, I’m sitting at the couch. The computer is below my natural line of sight.  My head is bent. I’m slouched so my knees are comfortable. My wrists are at horrible angles. In the office, I’m at my desk. The world is amazing. The only distractions I have are the ones I create for myself.

Distractions… Oh, I’m so good at finding those. I need to start categorizing my distractions and avoiding them until after putting in a good six hours on the writer things. If anyone has any ideas on that, I’m open to them. I clearly haven’t found anything that works yet.

Goals for this Week. There are a lot of Them.

Posted in writing on July 17, 2011 by generatedanomaly

My goals for last week, well… I hit 30000 words on the novel. All sorts of exciting there. I mean it to. I started it just over two weeks ago. It proves to me that I can pound out the words.

I got revisions done on two stories. Ran out of paper for my printer, and didn’t make it to the library to print. Things came up. It happens. I need to learn to roll with the punches anyway, especially if I’m going to make it as an author.

My attempt to stay away from Farmville didn’t work out as well as I wanted. I have managed to keep it to a limited check and harvest thing. I do use the time spent clicking the mouse to focus my mind and figure out issues with plot.

So, this week, the goal is to get to another 14000 words down on the novel. Get a few more stories revised. Write queries. Write cover letters. Job applications. Job searching. Submit stories. Cross my fingers, then forget about it until I hear something.

It’s going to be a busy week. And, if I hear from my beta readers in there, then I get to play with the third novel some more. I just need to keep swimming

Someone Asked me for Writing Advice…

Posted in writing on July 15, 2011 by generatedanomaly

Life is an amusing collection of random events.

I worked yesterday for my current day job. The event was easy. The thing that astounded me was one of my coworkers asking me about the whole writing business.

It’s no secret to anyone that I’m a writer. It’s even less of a secret when I start talking to myself like I’m talking to my characters and expect a response from actual people. I’m certain it will land me in a mental health ward someday. Until then, it’s a good way to get people to leave me alone.

By no means do I think I know anything about the writing business. I have my experiences so far and the random pieces of information I’ve gathered from blogs and articles. I know enough to give people slight direction as to where to begin. I understand process. I’m developing one hell of  work ethic.

The work ethic, that’s the most important bit. People tell me they want to write, but follow it up with I haven’t written anything months. That doesn’t sound much like writing to me. That sounds like looking for something easy to do and then realizing it’s hard.

Writing is not easy. You have to sit down and write. No excuses, even if the words are horrible and sound illiterate with sentence structure that wold make a second grader cringe. Because anything can be fixed on edits. Well, not anything, but most things. Anything that can’t be fixed probably shouldn’t be there to begin with, so really, that problem can be fixed too.

So, I gave my first bit of writing advice. Answered some questions about my own stuff and realized that while I didn’t need a male protagonist, he makes the story more entertaining. Which means I do need him, if only to do something horrible to him down the line. It was a decent day.

Today has been even better, at least from a writing standpoint. I’m making massive progress on the novel. Not as much on the editing, but I did get one story done. The week isn’t over yet, so I still have time. I might even forgo sleep. Who needs to sleep when there’s coffee in the house? I say this now, but will regret the decision later. Good thing I’m still young enough to abuse my body in horribly chemical dependent ways and recover quickly.

Tough Love, for Myself

Posted in writing on July 12, 2011 by generatedanomaly

So, here we are, Tuesday. Yesterday was productive and happy. A good anniversary all around. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. It’s almost as if there was a strange time warp and the world fast-forwarded a bit. In which case, it needs to not do that anymore. I’d like to enjoy my life, not miss giant chunks of it due to random time jumps.

Unless I have a Tardis. Then, by all means, time jumps. I want to live the whole of time and space out of order. It will be fun.

I think it’s time to take a leap of faith on a few things. Not the novel so much, but some of my short stories. I need to edit some. Wrap them in nice, pretty bows of sentence structure and good storytelling and the toss them to the wolves. If anything survives, then it gets to the next phase of making me money so I can spend more time writing and less time doing ugly things I don’t want to do.

I know I was all on about word count and editing Sunday. It’s a good goal for the week and I’m doing well so far on that bit. I could be doing better.

My downfall is Farmville. I get sucked into the plants and the little digital animals and then before I know it, forty minutes has disappeared into maintaining something I get nothing out of. My new goal is to stay the hell off the internet games for the day. The whole day. I’m almost at word count for the novel. I’m printing a short story to edit later.

It’s time to make dreams come true. It’s time to start on the path that makes imaginary conversations with famous people become real conversations with famous people. Why? Because in my head I’m that good. It’s time to be that good on paper.

No more holding back for fear of failure. No more tentative steps. Those are just failure wrapped in another package.

Someone please remind me of this post in two days when I’m still lamenting my lack of progress. I’ll appreciate it. Well, I’ll grumble a bit, then I’ll appreciate it. Thanks in advance.