I Really Could use some Coffee Right Now.

It’s Thursday here in the crazy place known as my head. It might be Thursday everywhere else too. I can’t be sure of that. Haven’t had any coffee yet. There was some promised to me. Good coffee. But, since I’m here at my computer and it’s not next to me, that hasn’t happened yet.

So, Thursday… It’s always been a weird sort of day for me. Not the middle of the week anymore. Tomorrow’s Friday. It’s just a day without much meaning. I use it to get things done because getting them done is better than not.

Speaking of, over 3000 words down on the new novel yesterday. How’s that for being awesome? I’m going to take it. Okay.

The short story I’m working on… I think I might be close now. I know I keep saying that, but my main character is locked in an office with this psychotic restaurant manager right now. She thinks he might be the murderer, or at the very least some other criminal. I know whether he is or not, but I’m not telling. No spoilers here.

Whenever I say that word I think of River Song and her little blue book of The Doctor’s life. “Spoilers Sweetie.” I know, random. That’s my mind though. It make such random connections at random times. You would think I’d be better at coming up with examples for things in the classroom, but no. My brain does however take those things and turn them into stories. It works out nicely most the time.

Still no coffee…  I might have to mount an expedition to the nether reaches of the house in search of the person who promised it to me. He might need to be woken up and prodded a few times. This might be interesting.

If I don’t come back, it was nice knowing everyone.


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