Spider Plant, I like you more than this Story Right Now.

Tuesday happened at some point when I wasn’t paying attention. Strangely, it’s also known as the day I finally decided to do the laundry. At least it is this week. I finally decided to do the laundry.

I also did some organizing of random things in my office and moved my spider plant in from the dining room. It’s starting to make little baby plants of its own. This is amazing to me since in December it was an almost dead baby spider plant itself. It soldiered on though, and with some love, it’s now a parent plant.

This is when I realize that strange things excite me. It’s a plant. Granted, a very large plant that was once attached to my Great Grandmother’s plant that no one took care of for a month after she died. Go family! But, should I really be this excited about the small plants hanging off it.

Anyway… this short story I’m working on, it doesn’t want to die. It wants to keep living. Just when I think I might be close to finishing, it says “Nope! Time for another thing you weren’t expecting!” I think it might use more than one exclamation point. It seems like that kind of story. The twitchy kind that likes exclamation points but doesn’t have many of its own.

It’s okay. Keep being twitchy story. I’ll win. Besides, I think I have you figured out. Now I just need to get there. Which is going to be the interesting part. My attention span is shit today. Utter shit. And somehow I still have 1000 new words. I’m just going to go with it. That’s the only plan I have right now. Well, not the only one, but the others don’t involve writing. More like sinking into a vat of aloe gel and not moving for hours. It’s only a little counter productive.


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