The Red, Burning Pain is only a Small Distraction.

I have fair skin. Blame it on my ancestors from the British Isles. I do. I also have a history of bad sunburns, sun poisoning and heat stroke. So, you would think I would learn to stay inside, or at least put on sun block.

Short answer. No. Long answer. No I haven’t. My face hurts a little right now and is rather warm. My arms are red. I have a small section on my neck that matches the shirt I changed into (also red) and I’m not sure, but I think the back of my neck might be too. Save the jokes. I’ve heard them.

Now, there’s a reason why I was out in the sun for five hours, and it wasn’t because I thought it was a really good idea. I was working a picnic for the day job. A picnic for geniuses from around the world who are at the college for some sort of competition. The same geniuses are worse than people of normal intelligence about picking up after themselves. They aren’t that special. I could do what they do. I decided to be a writer instead of a research scientist.

So, yeah, outside is fun. Not really, but I spent most of my summers there, in the sun, covered in sweat and hay chaff. It’s a wonder I don’t have more wrinkles and tougher skin.

Anyway, enough whining. Time to get down to what the people care about. Now, if I only knew what that was…

I guess the rest of tonight will be spent tossing words onto a page and hoping they stick. I’ve got a beta reader who actually has feedback for me when he gets a chance to get online again. I might be able to pick up another. That would be awesome, because my plan right now is edit shit out of novel mid-July then rewrite the synopsis, query letters and toss it to the wolves again. This time better than before. With more thought and wonder and… whatever else goes into a novel about a girl riddled with guilt and prone to sarcasm.

I’m hoping that this short story will resolve itself soon. Right now, I have the main character actually detecting, as opposed to standing around looking pretty and feeling sorry for herself. That should make some headway. Or, at least get some Chinese food eaten. Which sounds really good right now.

Right. Food, the writing. The whole while, hydrating. Because I hate sunburns. I’d write about that, but somehow  I think it might lead to an incredibly boring story.


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