Business Cards, Memories and a Story

I now have business cards. They are styling. On one side, typewriters. It’s oh so retro and amazing. I have an electronic typewriter somewhere, I think at Mom’s. It’s not the same. It whirs a bit, but does make the click noise when you push the buttons. I drove my parents, brother and, after I left for college, my suite mates nuts with the thing. But it made me feel like a real writer. Hunched over the large beast of a machine, pounding out words.

I grew out of that. Or, realized that the means of getting the words down didn’t matter. What mattered was the words. Plus, it is pretty loud. I’m going to have to track it down and see if it still works. Maybe get a replacement wheel for the letters since the capital A broke off and I was left with two vertical lines at the beginning of my sentences. Thinking about it now, I miss that typewriter.

The other side, the business side if you will, has my contact information on it. It’s a standard little business card. Nothing special. Other than the typewriters. Thinking about it now,  I should have put “writer” on them. Maybe the typewriter will give that away. Maybe. I could be wrong.

I’m still excited about them.

I’m also excited about being near the end of another short story. Though, this one is a bit longer than the last one I write. It’s not a novel. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It is a good story though. At least, I think so.

No. That’s not true. I think it’s crap. It’s a zero draft. It needs work. I like the main character though. She has issues and baggage and all the things a good main character has, because everyone has them. I like her partner because he has something he’s trying to prove. I like the medical examiner because he’s a convoluted ball of messed up emotion. It’s a great set up. Now, I just need to fix the places that suck. Which would be all the bits I wrote without caffeine in my system. So, 6,000 words worth of stuff. Not that much in the long run. I need to finish it before I can go back though. So, off to finish it without the pounding click of a typewriter. I’ll settle for the gentle clicking of my keyboard instead.


2 Responses to “Business Cards, Memories and a Story”

  1. The one thing about writing, is even if after all the hard work you decide its not good enough, you will take pieces from it and recycle elsewhere. Fingers crossed, you manage to get the most out of these 6,000 words.

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