I Feel like I Missed Something Important…

Yesterday was fun. My first day with coffee in a week. I tore up the word count, made scenery my bitch and made progress where the day before felt stagnate. Then I played Arkham Asylum for seven hours.

It wasn’t my intention to play for seven hours. It just sort of happened. I went on a search for all the little hidden Riddler trophies and the upgrades. I was proud of myself for getting to most of them in a couple of buildings and for getting my gamer score over 2000.

I know, that’s not exactly a high number. But the only game I’ve played all the way through is Boarderlands. I even got some of the DLC finished. I’ll probably end up finishing Batman next week since my big time sinks into it are Thursday and Friday when my boyfriend is out of the house doing other nerd things.

So, it should be no surprise to anyone that I missed the announcement that New York approved the gay marriage bill. I have lived in this state my whole life. I have an Uncle who lives with his life partner (and has for as long as I can remember) so I have to say it’s about time. It always bothered me that if something happened to one of them the other wouldn’t  be allowed in the hospital room or allowed to make decisions. It’s like permanently being in the dating zone despite making the lifelong commitment to each other.

I’m glad our state finally did something right. Now, if you can just start spending money on education again, that’d be super. Not to lessen this moment at all. This is a grand moment and 28 days from now there will be even grander moments.

And for all you haters out there, first it’s called equality. You demand it for yourself. Let other people have it. Second, and no where near as important, this is a revenue stream. Think of all the marriage licenses, parties and other things attached to a wedding. All the things married couples buy, and then if you can’t get it through your head to allow someone the happiness you take for granted, at least look at it as a way to boost the economy.


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