The Successes of Date Night and my Thoughts on Green Lantern.

Last night’s “Date Night” was a nice way to ease into a busy end of the week. My boyfriend has D&D tonight and Magic tomorrow. I get to work the day job Saturday. So, one night just for us was nice.

We saw Green Lantern. I’ll go into more detail below after cleverly labeling it as spoilers. First, however, the theater in our town is small. Not tiny, but small, and one would think that they’d show the regular version of the movie. No. That would make sense. Instead, they show the 3D version. The one that you have to pay extra for to get the gorram glasses.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find some scenes cool with the 3D. Mostly fight scenes, but sometimes it looks bad. Like if you put a large flat thing in the foreground, or people don’t stack right. (You know, when the front two pop out, but the rest, even when they aren’t right next to each other look like a flat mass.) So, for the most part, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t pay the extra money to see it in 3D. We just don’t have a choice in town.

My overall view on the movie: It wasn’t great but it also wasn’t horrible. Considering how much time DC has spent fucking its own continuity, and will do so again in September, I had one of those go with the flow moments.

Below here lie SPOILERS. (See, wasn’t that clever?)

First, I want to congratulate whoever decided to wreck any possible development with Hammond. Way to kill off a character with so much potential to be a pain in the ass. Hammond is a great character, and the actor playing him was good.

Second, Paralax. Fuck. My boyfriend pointed out this little handwaving thing that can be done. Paralax possessed the guardian. So, it wasn’t Paralax running about on its own, but controlling the guardian. I can buy that. I shouldn’t have to, but it makes sense once it’s explained. And, throwing him into the sun? I haven’t decided if I like that yet.  Sure, it makes sense but part of Hal’s charm is that he was at one point possessed by Paralax and (eventually) kicked its ass.

Speaking of Hal, I want to cry a little. Just a little. They took a character with so much depth and reduced it down to the base pieces of the character. Mostly, they harped on his “running away” from things when they got difficult. That’s all well and good, but having him run away from training on Oa… That’s a little much. Hal is the greatest Green Lantern ever. Yeah, I said it. There are glimmers of Hal Jordan actually being himself. Those moments are like pure gold. I want more of that.

I want more of a lot of things in that movie. More development of the relationship between Hall and Sinestro. As it stands, there’s no reason to care. Sinestro is just the dick that didn’t want Hal in the corps because he wasn’t good enough to wear the ring. Sure, he changes his mind at the end, but they were friends.

Oh! Amanda Waller, right on. Just what I would expect a young Waller to act like. Just thought I would express my happiness over something despite all the other crap. Waller, and Carol calling Hal on the mask not hiding who he was just because she couldn’t see his cheek bones.

Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I was hoping that this would be of the same caliber as the Batman reboot. And I know people would criticize if the DC movies did character crossovers (They’re copying Marvel!), but they happen in the comics all the time. These guys and gals do not exist in isolation. They can’t.


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