I am a Giant Nerd. Problem?

So, is anyone else annoyed with the marketing that’s attached itself to the Green Lantern movie? There are three commercials I’ve seen (Subway, peanut butter cups, and a cell phone) that make me twitch a little each time.

I have my reasons. First, energy constructs are not edible. It would be awesome if they were. Oh man, there would be nothing to worry about ever again. Except maybe dying of thirst, but if you can make food out of energy, then water shouldn’t be a problem.

Second, and this is directed more toward the peanut butter cup, if it’s a green energy ring, then the energy swirling around it should be green. Especially after all the shit leading up to darkest night. Orange is avarice. Obviously. Sure, maybe the greed comes in making more peanut butter cups, but it’s still orange. Not green.

The cell phone commercial, other than being horribly written and a cell phone commercial isn’t bad until they get to the mobile hot spot bit. The energy around the guy is pretty spot on as far as energy trails while a lantern is moving. The problem I have is his group of friends. Are they all lanterns? Because if he’s bringing them along for the ride, which is the implication of the dialouge, then they should be surrounded by the energy not having it trail behind them. At the very least, if should be leading back to his “ring” not just a disjointed, random set of energy.

See, I’m a DC girl, and I love Hal Jordan. He’s up there on my list of favorite characters. My list is Green Arrow, The Question (both of them, though I love the current one for being female and amazing), Hal, Barbara Gordon (she should stay as Oracle, not go back to being Batgirl, her story of perseverance is fantastic), and Black Canary.

You might imagine that I’m excited about the Green Lantern movie. I’m what you might call cautiously optimistic. I want it to be good. I want to enjoy it. I just might, if I can get past the costumes glowing like teenagers who just discovered glow sticks for the first time and really want to play with them. Yeah. The reviews go both ways, good and bad. I’ll make my decision on Wednesday. Unless we see Super 8 this week and then it will be next week. My boyfriend wants to see both, and Wednesday is $1 popcorn at our local theater.


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