Gaming and Leveling

After a good weekend of lazing about and driving a little too much, Monday has greeted us with iron gray overcast skies. The temperature is within the range of comfortable and there’s much work to be done.

Yesterday I found myself trying to transfer files to the newer x-box but not being able to find a large enough thumb drive. So, instead, I started LA Noire over. Seemed like the thing to do at the time. Of course, I did a better the second time around. But that’s almost always the case.

The reason for the file transfer is we’re planning on going down to one x-box. We haven’t played at the same time in quite a while. I think I’m done with MMOs again, for now anyway. I’ve reached a point where I really dislike being grouped with someone randomly and I’ve realized that I’m horrible at all the end game shit. Leveling is the fun part for me.  Not the hours of grinding with no reward to get the shiny equipment so I can keep grinding for no reason. Give me XP and a little bar that goes up while it’s happening. Or something.

I don’t have time to play today. I’m constructing a schedule for the rest of my summer. It’ll be a mess of self-imposed deadlines that will need to be kept if I’m ever going to make it as a writer. There are magazines to submit shorts to, projects to get done, novels to finish writing… I guess it might just be enough to keep me out of trouble.


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