I’m Having a Really Good Day.

Those truly productive days don’t come along often. They happen to be Fridays even less frequently. Today is productive. Today is also Friday, at least the last time I checked. And, I hope it still is otherwise we’re going to have more friends mad at us for missing something important. (That’s another story. One that doesn’t need telling for a good long while.)

The best part of this Friday is two large iced coffees from Dunkin when there was only meant to be one. I ordered a mocha. They made a caramel. I get both. I am going to be vibrating soon. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m blasting techno right now. It makes me move a little bit. Plus, my fingers are moving faster than usual.

The second best part of this Friday is getting paid from the day job. Money is in the bank. I like having money. Even if my having it is fleeting. After that I think me finally acquiring my parking pass ranks up there. A free parking pass in the employee lots on campus for the summer. Which, because it’s summer, translates to parking where ever I want as long as it’s not a handicap spot.

Getting my oil change done (I’m also tacking a finally on that one) is pretty good too. Now I can start racking up miles again. I do like driving about.

The not so good part of today was realizing I made a typo in an agent’s name after I sent the e-mail. I’m expecting that one to be a no go. I won’t cross her off the list yet, but I should. Unless she thinks my writing is so amazing she’s willing to overlook the use of a wrong letter… well… I’m not counting on that.

So far, good outweighs the bad, by a lot. I think I’m just going to take today and put it in the win column. And finish drinking my coffees. Nothing says fun like coffees. Except maybe playing with a paper shredder. There’s something satisfying about sending things through it. Things that used to be important, but aren’t anymore. I have a lot of those. A whole lot of those.


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