We’re Human After All.

I sent my first query letters today. Little butterflies battled each other for supremacy as the cursor hovered above the send button. The first one went out. The butterflies continued their vicious onslaught on each other, dying as the next four went out until none remained when I sent the last one out.

Consequently, I received my first rejection letter today. It was so nicely written that I can’t feel bad about it. It was more of a “don’t stop trying” sort of thing, even if she wasn’t the right agent, someone out there would be.

Hope springs eternal.

Right. Deep breath. And let it out slowly.

I’m at my desk right now. There are still piles of things that need to be taken care of, but I’m at the desk. I have a calendar with the agents I’ve queried and theoretical response dates. Or, at least the amount of time they said on their websites it would take them to get back to me about whether they wanted to take a more in depth look or not.

I’m just glad I was brave enough to actually send out the queries to begin with. There’s something about the promise of being rejected that makes a person hesitate. No one wants to be rejected, whether by a potential agent or a potential friend (or lover). But it happens. I’m just glad the first one was gentle.


2 Responses to “We’re Human After All.”

  1. Good for you taking that first brave step! The wait will seem eternal but lets hope it is worth it!

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