Work. Yeah. Sure. Okay.

I’m finally starting to feel human again, albeit still sore. Working the day job infringed upon sleep and sanity the last two days. I worked last night until 10pm. Came home, did some work on the office (the baseboards still aren’t completely painted) then sat on the couch for an hour  then finally went to bed. I was back up and out the door around 5:40 this morning for a four hour shift and I get to do it again tomorrow morning.

I’m sleeping all day Monday. Or a good portion of the morning.

It would be nice to keep my own schedule. Pull my ass out of bed somewhere between 8 and 10 in the morning, stay up until 1 or 2 and just go with the flow of creativity and life. Communication through e-mail has made it so much easier to function outside of the normal 9-5 schedule.

The plan for the rest of the night, let my sleep deprived brain soak in some alcohol. Then try to pound out some words. They don’t even need to be good words tonight. They just need to exist. I can edit and play with them later.

Maybe I’ll work  on a side project tonight. One that doesn’t take a lot of brain power. Thought feels like a dirty word right now, one that tumbles around through a vacant mind searching for something to attach itself to.

Yep. These words are going to be interesting.


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